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It's works for me Wednesday again at Rocks in My Dryer. I just jetted over there to make sure there wasn't a theme and just had to chuckle. She posted on a mascara wand. Why did I chuckle? Because I was thinking how my post was going to sound vain...but I decided, who cares...this works for me!
I am by no means glamorous or really even remotely trendy. Probably because I really can't wear alot of the trendy fashions well. But I try to find a good balance. LOL! I've often joked that my youth group would nominate me for What Not to Wear! My clothes last for years. I can't afford to buy seasonally or according to the trends. My favorite outfit is a pair of jeans and a black shirt.
BUT...that's not what I was going to post about.....
What works for me is my lip liner and lipstick. I love stuff for my lips. If someone asked me what my favorite features were I'd say my eyes and my lips. They're not anything amazing, but I like them. I actually lost my lip liner and haven't bought a new one yet, but I love using lip liner with my favorite lipstick or lip gloss. I love how it gives definition to my lips. It makes me feel pretty.
As does the right eyeshadow and eyeliner. Speaking of which...I found for me that using powder shadow just doesn't doesn't stay on. But I have used a few of Avons creme shadows and love them. They work for me too!
What also works for me is buying clothes that fit my figure. I see so many girls, well and ladies for that matter, that dress the trends but the trends don't work on their figures. They are also so afraid of wearing bigger sizes that their clothes are all too tight and un flattering. My rule of thumb is to not be afraid of bigger sizes if I like something, and if even the bigger size doesn't look right then I skip it and find something else. It's hard sometimes because I see things I think are totally cute, but it just doesn't look right on me. You can truly look 10 lbs. thinner just by wearing clothes that fit properly.
Well I could go on and on because I'm a big proponent of modesty. I believe we can be trendy and still be modest. As long as nothing's hanging out we're all good! It's all about honor and it's all about our hearts! And I said I was done, so see ya later!
With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. you already sound like stacy and clinton from what not to wear - they say continuously the number isn't important. the quality and the fit are. although i have to say that i love it when an outfit looks good on me and has a number in the back that i like :)

  2. I love stuff for my lips too! I think we all just have to stick with what truly works for us, as you said and not bow down to the culture. That definitely doesn't work for me!


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