Works for Me Wednesday: Printing labels

I admit, I really don't like my handwriting and if I have to write something numerous times over and over again, I will hate it. Yesterday I went on a search for garage sale labels. You know the ones...they already have pre-printed prices on them. I love those things and can't believe it took me forever to find some. However.....their only downfall was not enough of certain prices and too many of others. But it beat writing prices on stickers. So off I went. Only to be met with the disappointment that the two places in our small town that might have them were out! So I hopped, skipped and jumped across the street to our small office store (which oftentimes I really can't stand going in because the owner smokes and the smell just permeates into the office...ewww). So anyways, she steers me to a package of round labels that gasp, cough, gag, cost $5.00 (and that was the sale price). Granted there are 1008 labels in there, I wasn't planning on spending that much. But then she told me "these can just go in your printer and you can print your own labels". "Are you serious?" I reply. I'm sure you all already knew this, but I didn't! I scooped them up in a heartbeat. I came home and printed a gazillion labels. Lots of some prices, just a few of others. This is the new thing that works for me. Well worth my money. Actually I love printing labels of all sorts. You can have so much fun with them. Okay maybe I'm psychotic. Hop on over to Rocks in my Dryer for more great ideas. These ladies have amazing ideas. With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. I LOVE printing my own labels. I do it for address labels and marking storage things and anything I can think of! Great idea for using to make garage sale labels!


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