What I forgot to tell you!

I cannot believe what it was I forgot to tell you! Well two things actually. First: I have been desiring a laptop for quite some time. I decided on a 13" Mac. But saving up for it has not been the easiest thing for me. On Sunday I was chatting with a friend about computers, etc... and the topic came up of my wanting an Apple laptop. We've had this conversation before and I was going to have her help me when the time came for me to purchase one. Well, awhile later she came up to me and said that she had a 13" ibook that was only a year old and the Lord had prompted her to give it to me. She would clear it out and leave all the programs on it (which if I'm correct includes photoshop...which is something else I've wanted for so long.) I am so excited. She is also buying a new battery for it. I can't to get it in my hot little hands. Aaaaahhhh! Then: This same gal called me yesterday early evening asking if I'd take her to the emergency room because she had something feel like it stung her in the eye or something was in there. She had tried for a few hours to flush it out doing everything she knew to do from medic training. I went to pick her up knowing neither of us really wanted to spend the evening in the ER. As we were leaving (her eye is puffed and she has both eyes shut) we just prayed and declared that God would just heal it so we wouldn't even have to go, or at least let us get out of their quick. We get on the freeway and within 5 minutes she yells "oh, my gosh"! God instantly healed her eye. It popped open and there was no redness, no swelling and no pain. Way cool!!! She has never been healed of anything and was at a time of feeling really discouraged and needing a boost. Now, how could I forget those two amazing things earlier? I have no idea! Hopefully tomorrow I will post the recipe I made today as well as a great Works for Me Wednesday. With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. Wow, awesome story!! Way to go, praying for healing :). It is cool how God cares about all things! YAY!


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