Starting to Catch Up!

YEAH!! The garage sale is done! Yipee. I did well though. I made 308.00 and I still have the potential to make another $200 or so because I'll post a few more things on craigslist. Whoo hoo! I'm tired though and this morning woke up with a nasty sore throat and just feeling run down so I decided to stay home from church (which is rare for me) and just take it easy. Get some things done around the house, and catch up a bit on my blog. I have so much to post on...a recipe, house update and pictures, and a few more topics, but I'll save those for later today or tomorrow. Look! I got my laptop!!! It needs a bunch of software purchased and loaded on it, but it's mine.
Even has my name in it! I am really wanting to get software ordered, like, last night...but I need to wait to see how school stuff pans out. But it's killing me. I can't do a whole lot with it right now because it's in it's most basic form, which means not much is on it. But I'm just so happy to have it.
On Thursday, my mother in law came to the house to help me with my garage sale and she said "you need to go get your camera. The girls are coming home and you need to get a picture." She then said she wasn't about to let them in her car.
I had sent them up the road by our property to pick some marionberries from a neighbor and so I could only imagine what they looked liked....well...this was the scene I caught walking down the road.
They had painted their faces with berry juice, and had stopped by the property to show their friend (in the middle) the paint colors for their room and had put paint streaks on their legs. But the clothes were spared. Needless to say there weren't many marionberries left, but they did have fun.
Oh, they also stopped at the neighbors behind us. He got a kick out of it and then proceeded to give them cheetos.
Then Kat got a bee in her bonnet to cut off some of her jeans. She and her friend then proceeded to make this "jacket" for Nan. Using thread, stables and elastic ribbon.
That just wasn't quite working so they took it in the house and made here this...
Skirt complete with one leg warmer...
It actually was quite cute.
Add leggings to it. My MIL took it home and actually made it into a wearable skirt. I'll take a picture when Nan wears it next.
Speaking of my MIL...she's amazing. But she made these cute little numbers. I'm going to try to sell them on ebay for her or set up an ETSY shop (is that easy to do). She sews these and has sewn some cute wall hangings.
If anyone would be interested in one of these contact her at . Or you could contact me. She is selling them for $10 + shipping which I think would only be a few dollars.
With Joy UNquenchable,


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