Product and Website Plug

Last year Kat received a Nano for her birthday. I happened upon the ifrogz website and we've been hooked ever since. The first case we bought was the little green one on the left. The cases are made from a flexible soft rubber like material. They are sturdy, don't break and I'm guessing would cushion a fall fairly well. Recently they were running a 50% off sale and she purchased the slightly larger gray case and tree branch skin. This one is cool because the three circles at the bottom are speakers, so it allows her to listen to it without headphones. This site has so many cool products for all ipods, and even iphones. Their prices are very reasonable and delivery time is super quick. We ordered the gray case on the 5th and we received it on Wednesday. You can choose from a variety of cases and colors. Plus choose from a myriad of skins. Go check out their website. These would make great gifts.
With Joy UNquenchable,


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