The Painting has Begun!!

Boy, there is so much I want to post about....but probably not enough time, though I could try and set a record for the number of posts in one evening. Or...just wait and spread them out....we'll see what I'm in the mood for. The kids right now (my two girls and 3 of their friends are in the garage tie-dying shirts...they look so cool. I took share of course. I tried to post this morning to Kitchen Tip Tuesday but couldn't load pictures....I may still do that. I made a recipe from Ree's Blog that I've been wanting to put on'll all get done eventually. Oh, not to mention that I've almost finished deciding on school for next year. So much for this blog sticking to one topic...nope, not even close! But lets get on with the title of this particular post! I painted all day today. My dear friend Ashley came and helped me. I cut in all the edges and corners and she followed behind with the roller. I am one messy painter. She barely had anything on her and by the end of the evening I was covered.
But we got the entire downstairs hall painted with 2 coats of the base coat Bees Wax by Sherwin Williams. Thursday my friend Lori is coming to help with the top coat with will be a bit darker...we'll mix it with a glaze, roll it on and then place plastic over it. Then we'll smooth it out a bit and remove the plastic and some of the paint. It should look really cool. I am so happy with this hall. It turned out the color I was hoping for.
I was getting towards evening and so the lighting is terrible for pictures. But I think this is the closest to the true color.
We did the entire upstairs hall in Mesa Tan by Sherwin Williams. I was a bit nervous at first because it just seemed so dark, but I actually really, really like it. Thursday I'll do a second coat. Tomorrow I may go up and start on our bedroom! We'll see. Lookee...the outside is no longer only Tyvek! It is getting sided. This is the backside and right now it looks like a jail cell, but when painted it'll look even more amazing. Oh, I didn't take a picture of the window and door hubby custom made them...did I tell you he's pretty amazing? Yep, he is...and talented too.
This is the garage side. You can see where eventually garage doors will be. From the point that the siding stops from the far door over to the left and then up will be batten board...did that make any sense? Anyways...he has to put a few more pieces on the right and then he'll put the other stuff up. Actually he's going to work all the way around with the lap and then start the other....I think I'm making it even more confusing....I'll just keep posting pictures of the progress.
With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. the paint looks wonderful :) I think we have similar taste in colors.



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