Lots of spinning Plates

I have a lot of plates spinning at the moment. I think they're all still in the air! But...I have a few minutes to breath and so I thought I'd post some pictures from our Sunday service in which the majority of the service was devoted to the VBS kids. They shared their worship songs from the week before as well as skits, puppet shows and a worship cadence..or something like that. I'm also making dinner....wasn't sure that was going to happen. I'm trying Mrs. Jones' Citrus-Soy chicken. We'll see how it turns out. I'm also getting ready for a garage sale this weekend. I'll run it Thursday through Saturday and I've been moving things around in the garage and gathering up things to sell. I've discovered though, that when you don't live in your own house for a few years and you have garage sales every year and you don't buy much during the year, come time for the next sale, there just isn't as much to sell. I have a few larger items, so that should be good.
Lots of little stuff that just needs to be done. I'm still perusing school books for next year. I think I have a few subjects nailed down. I'll post on those another time. For now, here are the pictures. The kids got the opportunity to pray for anyone who needed healing. They love to do that. Nan waiting for her dance to be ready. I wish I would have taken pictures during VBS. The Theme was Gods army and they did an amazing job decorating. It was stunning!
Nan and one of her good friends.
They did this to the song Our God reigns. And during the Hallelujah part is when they did their little thing with the wooden guns. If I ever figure out how to post videos I'll try to do it.
Just some of the moves.
And a salute at the end!
Kat was a helper. Here she's a hand for the puppet
And here she's imitating our pastors wife. The kids loved it.
We had a bonfire at the property on Sunday night. Kat and some of her friends have been working so hard on a dance that they will perform at our youth camp we decided to have a bonfire with hot dogs, smore's and chips. Hubby is on the right, and a good friend of ours on the left.
Nan striking a pose while she roasts her marshmallow...actually it looks like it caught on fire.
Kat and two of the young men who are also in the dance. The other 3 girls hadn't gotten there yet. I think they were debating the fact that Kat had hit more plastic bottles with the BB gun then the guys had.
She's not quite sure he can do it!
Oh, and I found a teeny, tiny baby mole. I got to the property earlier...actually I had been there all day, and as I was getting ready for the bonfire I kept hearing this little squeak. I looked down and there is this little thing trying to walk across the dirt. His eyes weren't even open yet. I couldn't find where he came from and if he stayed there he was going to be trampled for sure. So I carefully moved him on a board to this patch of grass for awhile.
I don't know what became of him. We did find a mole hole and he went down in it, and then came back up, so either his mama found him, or an owl did.
Anyways, I think there was more I was going to share, but I really can't remember, so adios.
With Joy UNquenchable,


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