Just Plum Tuckered Out.....and a new pair of shoes

I cannot believe how tired I am. I'm not sure if I just haven't recuperated from our big 4th of July fundraiser or if I'm just tired. I know I didn't sleep well last night. I made the mistake of letting both the girls sleep with me (hubby is in Indiana for his grandma's memorial service). Nan slept in the middle of Kat and I. All night was spent with her kicking me, throwing her legs over me or sleeping so close I thought she'd knock me off the bed. I do not know how those two manage to sleep together in a twin bed....ughhhh...so my sleep was not the best. Tonight, one of them is sleeping on the floor and Nan has already said "I'm sure it's going to be me"...in her lovely dramatic way. We also worked on the property today. The girls planted dahlia tubers. A friends mom gave me a bunch and I still have a bunch to plant, and I know I have 2 acres, but I don't have anything to turn up the dirt with and it's pretty hard...we'll have to get creative. I really need a roto-tiller. While they planted, I weedeated. Holy Cow does that wear you out. I actually love doing it, but I'm sure tired when I'm done. We'll go back up tomorrow. I'll have them wash the car and pick up stuff around the house and I'll keep whacking that tall grass. I need a brush hog...or a cow! Yesterday we worked at the property as well, mainly planting tubers and measuring walls so I can buy paint. I'm getting more excited about this endeavor. Hubby will order our siding package on Monday...I hope. Last night we stayed up and watched Princess Bride (anyone remember that movie). When we were in Bible College we watched it all the time. My girls thought it was hilarious. There were a few parts where I wasn't thrilled with the language, but because it has been years since I watched it, I didn't catch them in time. Anyways....today I took them to lunch at our favorite local Mexican restaurant. So as the title says, I'm plum tuckered out. Hopefully I'll sleep better tonight. BUT...it also says a new pair of shoes. I love shoes. I love jewelry, I love purses, I love clothes, I love house decor and plants, and just about everything else...I should be rich....because I also love to give money and things away when I have it....so I really should be rich....but anyways...I just don't have a lot of any of them. The other day I was at Costco and passed by the shoes. I spotted these little Skecher Cali Gears. I thought "hmmmm those are kind of cute..." I tried them on and oh boy...they were so comfortable I had to get them. I love them. They're a little different then anything I've gotten before but the comfort bypassed anything else. Especially in the heel. And they were only $17.99. (Please nobody tell me I can get them cheaper elsewhere...it'll only make me sad). Hubby's not quite sure what to think of them, but the girls like em' Part of my reason for buying them is that they were comfortable on my heel and I thought maybe the cushion would be good for my achilles tendon that is still a bit sore.
Tonight after we eat popcorn and watch a movie I hope to do some looking online at homeschool stuff. I'll need to begin posting my last years stuff on ebay and looking for new stuff. Also getting ready for a garage sale (which the money pays for school). I can't wait for the day when I don't have to have a garage sale to pay for school books. I'll let you know what I find.
With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. Thanks for entering my giveaway! I will be sure to keep posting tips and there are some on already. Sometime soon I'm going to do like a beginners guide to going green soon. :) Every little step counts so glad to hear you are starting to go green!

  2. Yo girlfriend, totally cute shoes! I want a pair in pink. :)

    If I was closer I'd bring over my rototiller and do your beds. But you are right, it will tire you out! I am still not quite rested up from our 4th, so I bet that is it for you too.

    Well gotta go - just went to the doc for Noah's arm and the boy needs 10 weeks of physical therapy, 2 to 3 times a week! OUCH! Man how am I going to fit that in? I guess I'll never clean my house again!

    PS - Target has a ton of $1 school items in the $1 section right now - maybe too young of stuff for your girls, but good stuff for my boys! :)


  3. Kirstin- I forgot to mention earlier that we were sorry for the loss in your family. We will keep you and your family in our prayers.

  4. Hope you are getting a better night's sleep tonight. I need to go to sleep soon myself - it's almost one, so I really should wind down!
    The shoes are really cute.
    I've got to start figuring out school stuff for this year too. And I really hope I can get last year's stuff sold so I can actually have some money for this year!! Sigh.

  5. I like the shoes. If you are like me, comfort comes before all else. My girls love "The Princess Bride". They bought the special edition on dvd.

  6. Love the shoes, they look really comfy :)


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