Going Green.....What does it mean?

I admit that I really don't know a whole lot about going green. I know that I'm trying to become more conscious of the things I use and how they affect our environment. I found a few sites that I thought were really interesting and had great tips. I have a friend who is more environmentally conscious and she happens to be my oldest daughters small group leader. It's a joke now that if our daughter brings up any type of comment like "do you know that if you use plastic in the microwave it releases toxins", and "did you know......" we say..."you must have been talking to Ashley.." as much as we joke, I'm glad she's interested in these things. Growing up we never were and so never thought about it. So I'm on a journey to do a little better. I do hope to obtain more glass containers to reheat my food in. Also trying to find products that are more organic and environment friendly. Next year I hope to garden so that I can preserve (I figured using the word "can" two times in a row wasn't grammatically correct) my own produce. Our insulation in our new house is sprayed in and actually soy based so it is environmentally friendly as well as so tight it'll be good for our heating and cooling bill! I hope to do more composting and better recycling. I'd like to utilize the water barrels too at some point. Here are just a few sites I found that looked interesting. I'd love to hear anything you might have found or what works for you. I admit, I'm not hard core like some are, but I do want to do a better job in some of the simple areas. http://www.mothersgoinggreen.blogspot.com/ http://frugalist.instantcreditcard.com/2007/how-to-go-green-and-save-a-boatload-of-money-57-tips-tutorials-and-ideas/

Bumble Bea Green is hosting a giveaway that is super cute! Check out these bags. I'm not sure when the next giveaway is, I think soon, but I hope to win one!

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  1. Hey Kirstin! Glad to see that you are trying to take steps to being more green! I think that is the way to go...don't get overwhelmed-just take baby steps! Every small step does make a difference! I am looking forward to canning my future garden as well! Hopefully next year! I just have to learn to can! I just started making our bread again (rather than buying), and the thought of going to the garage to get our vegetables/fruit would be an awesome feeling! I am also looking forward to a clothes line! Hey- feel free to chat with me about green anytime! Have a great day!

  2. We have been trying to be a little more careful around here thanks to Bradley earning his conservation badge in scouts. He is very particular and conscious about recycling and cleaning up. I am in the process of switching the carrying my own shopping bags (I buy two each grocery trip) and have taken to "home" remedies in some of our cleaning.

  3. The meme is up :D No giveaway this week, but you never know when one will pop up. :D


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