A Fun Day and a Somewhat Sad Day...or should I say Frustrating

Yesterday we spent the day at the lake. Several people from church went up to BBQ and have a Volleyball tournament. My hubby got talked into playing but I refused so he had another partner...I'm smart and know my limitations. Anyways, it was a fun day of playing in the sun, visiting with friends and just plain relaxing. The girls played with babies and swam. I took pictures and visited with people. My hubby trashed his body...he is very sore! The sad and frustrating part came when the girls went down to the water. They took their sandals off and their shorts and left them in a certain spot. Later they came up and discovered that all their stuff was gone. At first we thought it was someone in our group playing a practical joke, but no one ever fessed up. Kat lost a nice pair of Nike sandals, one of her friends had on my only pair of flip flops and Nan lost her sandals. Another girl lost her sandals and shorts. We live in a small town and while this lake is always crowded I was just floored that someone would have the nerve to take something that didn't belong to them. My girls, who have never had anything stolen from them just couldn't believe it. Soooo, now we have to buy sandals for all of us. But it was a fun day. We did have two bee stings as well. Kat's friend and Kat. Both on their feet...hmmm guess that's what happens when you run around barefoot. Last night a group of about 20 of us headed to Portland to the Macaroni Grill to celebrate a friends birthday. We had a blast. We got there at about 9:00 and enjoyed an evening of yummy food and fun conversation (we even got to draw on the tables). They serve warm Rosemary Ciabatta bread with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. I had their chicken and spinach cannelloni which was so creamy I couldn't believe it. Yum-O!! We got home around 11:30 and while we were and still are all tired, it was worth it for sure!
Kat, Kat's friend, adorable baby of our pastors son and his wife, and Nan
Kat and her friend. Nan and one of the teens that she just adores.
Kat, deep in thought.
What is this on my finger?
Oh, yum..... I love licking my fingers!! She probably wiped them on her shirt too.
With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. that sounds like tons of fun, except for the loss of the clothing and shoes!

    now, you must live near me? portland oregon? i love macaroni grill, yummy!!!!

    nice to meet you!


  2. Oh, ok, I clicked back to my blog to see you live in sw washington. Well, you still live pretty close! :-)

  3. Love the pics of your girls.

    Thats terrible that the things got stolen. Its a sad state of affairs when kids cant just kick their shoes off for a swim!

  4. The girls are all so cute! That is terrible someone stealing your stuff!


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