Crazy Week

I wanted to drop in real quick before I go off to do my list of things that I'd much rather forget. This week has been our VBS or Kids Camp as we call it. I haven't taken any pictures because I drop the girls off and then jet up to the property for the 3 hours they're gone to do work! Then jet down to pick Nan up while hubby picks Kat up to take her to her soccer team camp. Then Nan and I grab lunch and go back up to the property to finish working. Then at about 5:00 either hubby or I take Kat do a local dance studio so she and about 5 others can practice a dance they are doing for our youth camp. I'm really proud of Kat. She has come up with this idea and choreographed it herself for the last two years....and she's never taken dance. Okay, sorry I got side tracked. I don't think I've cooked a real meal all week. Sorry family!! I really do love you and have some great meals on the menu...I just haven't had time to make them.

I was feeling so guilty on Tuesday night that I threw together the above meal. I made rice a roni (I know it's from a box, but we love it still), steamed broccoli and toasted pitas with tuna and cheese. Everyone liked it and I felt good about myself.

Today I need to work on a camp handbook for camp and make my grocery list. I am cooking dinner tonight...chicken pot pie!! Yum-O! I'm also working on researching still for school next year. I think I have some good ideas that I'll post on soon and you can give me your thoughts. I want to make a run to a homeschool store I like (Mrs. Darling from Dishpan Dribble frequents there as well), but it is about 40 minutes away for me and so not as easy just to jet over for a quick visit. That will probably not happen till later. Next week I'm doing a garage sale, so I also need to go through things for that. Oh, the list is growing. But just keepin it real as Ree says at Pioneer Woman.

I also have chosen all the colors for the inside of our house. I think it'll look nice. The last two days I've been sanding and staining more pine boards for our soffit. Our siding package came yesterday. Whoo Hoo!! Please pray that by some miracle we can be in by September at the latest. Hubby now says that realistically we're looking at October. I don't want anything to do with realistic at this point, I want miraculous and I want a lot of money to get this thing done!!!!

Okay, I better go get busy before everyone wonders what I've done all morning. I'd really like to sit and visit all of you but that will have to come in spurts.

Have a wonderful day!!!

With Joy UNquenchable,


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