Almost Done!

I'm almost done with my garage sale. I have lots of pics to post but no time today...hopefully tomorrow or Monday...or late tonight. Garage sale is going well. I'm getting a nice tan (hee hee), but I'm tired. Next week I'll be painting my house and hopefully will have pictures of that. Please be praying for lots of favor and provision to get this house to occupancy. We're at the tail end of finances and timing (we have to be in by October), and with my hubby doing most stuff by himself that puts a crunch on things. He's putting in about 16 hour days almost everyday except Sundays. So he's tired too. I'm balancing time between here and there trying to keep everything running smoothly. Oh, I'd love to win the lottery and just finish the whole thing so we can move on with life. So your prayers would be greatly appreciated. This whole project and journey has been miraculous, we just need more. Have an amazing weekend! With Joy UNquenchable,


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