Works for Me Wednesday: Library Tips

I never really went out and just bought books for my girls. Probably because it just wasn't in the budget to do so. I would pick some up at garage sales, or at a consignment store. Last year I stopped at a Salvation Army Thrift shop and picked up a few books for them to take on vacation. But buying new books just wasn't practical. So we took advantage of the library. One thing I did especially when the girls were little (I need to do again) was keep a "library book basket". It sat in our family room and that is where all the books that we got from the library stayed. This way they wouldn't get lost or misplaced. I hate paying for lost books. The other thing I still do is keep a list of books I'm interested in or that the girls are interested in. From time to time I go online and see if the library is carrying them and then we check them out. For me I really only read a fiction book one time, so I can't see buying it. I check it out, read it, and if I really like it, I'll just check it out again. The library is also a good way to look at a book before deciding whether or not to buy it. Or to check out a cookbook that you really may only want one recipe out of! And magazines!!! They are all right at your fingertips. My girls love the books on tapes, and even the videos. There are just so many advantages to using the library. Where we live, if you are in the city limits, the library is free. Soon we will be outside city limits so we'll pay $90 a year, but I use this resource so much, I'll gladly pay that amount. With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. During the school year we go the library every week. We dont go as aoften in the summer but yes, my kids love that place!!

  2. My daughter and I have the best time at the library together!

  3. I like your basket idea! I'm so bad about misplacing library books (no kids here--these are my own books) that I finally made myself a library tote bag. I just measured around some magazines for the dimensions and made it from heavy fabric that looks like bandana print. It's red, so it stands out--knowing me, I'd lose the bag, too, if it was a neutral, LOL All the books or magazines I check out go in there when I'm not reading them. Then it's easy to just pick it up and go!


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