Works for Me Wednesday: Free Weed Killer

Some friends were mentioning the fact that boiling water is a great weed killer. I have tried it and it works. It seems that in a time when we're trying to save money this would be something good to try. Simply boil water and pour it on those dastardly weeds. But make sure you only get the weeds. It will kill other plants as well. I thought I'd look up some other homemade weed killers and here are some that were suggested. Vinegar, salt, cornmeal, bleach, rubbing alcohol and newspaper. I got this info. from This Garden is Illegal Here you will find specific details on using each item and why it works. I also found this site that I hope to check out in regards trying to keep deer away from my plants as best as possible. It's called Deer-Departed I don't necessarily want them to leave for good, just not eat the things I plant. I can't exactly afford to replace things. If you didn't check out my Kitchen Tip Tuesday, next time you cook on your grill, instead of spraying it with cooking spray, try rubbing an onion over the grills. It works like a charm. As does a potato, but the onion leaves flavor behind. With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. Thanks for the idea. Does the boiling water kill morning glory...I have it running ramped in my garden, and used round up (yesterday) but would love to do something cheaper and chemical free....thanks!

  2. This is a great idea, and no yucky pesticides. I was just pulling weeds last night, thinking there must be a better way!

  3. Great tip--but I don't know if I have a pot big enough to take care of my weed problem ;) Definitely worth a shot--the weed killer we use is about $12/bottle.

  4. Great tip I will tell my hubby.


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