Weekend Fun

This weekend has been our annual Planters Day Celebration. It seems as if the whole town comes out of the woodwork and fills the streets. Yesterday was the parade. Nan was in the parade so I headed down....after coloring my hair (C: It was in dire need. You know it is funny how everyone notices how gray you are, but when you color, no one notices...anyways. Hubby worked at the property all day since it was so nice. This was our church's float. It is advertising our VBS which we call Kids Camp. They won first place. Nan on the Parr Lumber truck. She had a blast. She's on the left in red. Her friend is on the right and the guy in the middle of them is a friend of ours. Her free face painting...she liked that because then she didn't have to spend her own money on it. She loves having her face painted. In Disney world last year I think she got 3 different ones. I'll post them sometime.
The annual bed raced. These are friends of ours. Three of the four boys go to our church and youth group. The man is the dad of two of the boys.
These are great young men who love Jesus with great passion. The middle one has written many of our worship songs (he just graduated).
It was a fun, hot day. And we enjoyed it. Nan decided to spend the night with her friend (we had the friend on Friday night) so I left and went to work at the property. Then hubby and I and another couple decided to go to downtown Portland for the evening. It's been awhile since I've been to downtown Portland and especially at night. The streets were alive.
First we hit 23rd street, which is a very trendy "shopping, eating" street. Lots of trendy boutiques, coffee shops and restaurants. It's fun just to walk it. Though we all felt like a bunch of small town hicks trying to fit in with city life....oh, wait we are and we were....not really, but if you're not a city person, you feel a little out of place. We ate at a Tacqueira and the food was Yum-O!!
We drove around a bit...actually we were lost trying to find the Portland City Grill but it was fun. Stopped at Starbucks for coffee and finally found our way.
We finally found the restaurant and sat down for dessert. This place sits 30 floors up and the view is spectacular. For dessert we had their signature Fresh out of the Oven cookies (3 white choc. macadamia nut and 3 chocolate crinkles) served with two scoops of ice cream. Oh, was it good.
Afterwards we headed home and all agreed it was a nice evening. Now it's raining, though supposed to clear up and get hot again. Of course I didn't bring my camera and the night was so clear I could have gotten some great shots. Oh, well next time.
Today is church, graduation party and a meeting. Kat comes home from California. Can't wait to see pictures and hear about all they did. She said they went on some bungee thing...not for me that's for sure.
With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. That looks like so much fun Kirstin! I love parades and love watching towns come together to have fun with them! It's great that you guys got a night out. We all deserve it every now and then! Have a beautiful week!


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