Taco Salad

Saturday Night the girls and I had taco salad, Spanish rice and refried beans. I love taco salad. My mom used to make it in a fry daddy. Oh, were they yummy! But...boy were they loaded with grease. So I've since come up with my version of baked tortilla bowls. There are two ways this could be done. I normally take a large wad of foil, make a ball out of it, spray both sides of a tortilla with cooking spray, or brush with olive oil, and lay it over the foil. Or....use one of these nifty things. I found them in the cupboard of the lady we live with, who doesn't ever use them. They make a perfect bowl. Just spay the tortillas and form them into the "bowl". I'm sure you could also use a small metal bowl, but this really works well. I bake them at 350 till the edges brown. If they're not as crispy as I like, I remove them from the "bowl" and just lay them on a cookie sheet to finish their browning, turning over if necessary.
End result..looks pretty huh! Another tip I use with boxed Spanish rice. Instead of using a can of diced tomatoes, I put about 1/2 a jar of salsa into the rice mix with the water and seasoning packet. It adds a little more zip.
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  1. Taco salad is one of my husband's favorite meals. My family would think I was just the ultimate chef it I made these bowl! Now I know what I need to buy next time I go to the store—those cute flute bowls :)

    And thanks for stopping by Happy to be at Home. We hope you come back again…and often!

    Joy @ Five Js and Happy to be at Home

  2. Yummy! I grew up w/taco salad too!

  3. That looks great...I like to put some tortillas on a cookie sheet and top them with taco meat, tomatoes, beans and cheese and then melt it in the oven. Its very yummy...and I recently discovered wheat tortilla chips!

  4. That is a great tip. I absolutely adore and love Mexican food!!! So I will definitely be trying that. I will let you know:-)

  5. Hi there
    I am Hungarian - wondered if your heritage awas also.
    If you would like to poke around my site - please do www.dreammachine.biz some free Hungarian recipes and a book.
    Enjoyed the write up on Chicken Dish.
    God Bless

  6. To Hungarian Girl...checked out your site. How cool. My mothers side of the family is Italian, my fathers side is Slovakian. My hubby's mother is Swiss, and I'm not sure about his dads side (they are menonite, but I don't know what nationality).
    I have a friend who is Romanian and we find that different nationalities cook a lot of the same foods, they just call them something different and maybe have different ingredients. Like stuffed cabbage, chicken paprikash, Italian wedding soup...yum. All my favorites.

  7. You've got have this dish with my yummo bean dip. Come to my blog and check it out! (Really, it's delicious!)


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