A Successful Day

I wish I had brought my camera with me today...I need to just keep it with me at all times. Today we set up our "fireworks" tent. We showed up at 12:45 and I left at 6:00. Hubby is still down there. Kat and Nan were there too. Nan did a great job entertaining herself, and at the end helped so much put up signs and pick up cardboard. Kat is amazing. She hauled in boxes of fireworks as much, if not more than the adults. Then she helped find the signs that went with each one and open boxes...then she left for soccer practice. Not to mention that she had already spent an hour earlier that morning mowing the lawn and she's had soccer practice every day. She is just amazing. Both girls are. And they are extremely hard workers...even if at home they complain sometimes about doing things. They know how to work hard. I came home, showered and now I'm just vegging out. My achilles tendon is killing me. I did something to it a few months ago and it just won't get better. Any tips? Hubby is at the tent, Nan is at a sleepover birthday party and Kat is at the church for our Friday night worship..I was just too pooped to go...which means I'm really pooped because I wouldn't miss that for the world. Plus I'm getting a load of laundry done! I will take some pictures tomorrow and throughout the week. Tomorrow morning I'm going to try to get up early and put up a post of Kats trip to California. She and her friend went on one of those bungee slingshot things and "holy cow" they were high up there!!! With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. Hey, I have a bad knee and I have found that Aleve is wonderful for aches in certain muscles and joints. This may or may not be relevant to your achilles pain, but I thought I would pass it on. Also, I have been told by some older relatives that drinking pickle juice is a great cure for aches in the muslces.(?)

  2. Hey Kirstin, have you seen a doctor/physical therapist? I worked at PT clinic and highly recommend seeing one! You can google achilles tendon pain (a site similar to web MD) as well, and that might be helpful for self treatment- as well as help you make an informed decision. Ice, rest and making sure you stretch before and after a workout/being on your feet a lot -would be my advice! God made our bodies to tell us when something is wrong.
    Hope it feels better!
    PS-Response to the top comment...pickle juice is used for leg cramps!


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