Strange Weather

Yesterday was actually a beautiful day. Not too cold, not hot, but just right with a bit of wind. That all changed by late afternoon. But before I get to that......We ran errands all day. Actually before that we were packing up all our stuff that we had hauled over to my In-laws from our stint of housesitting. We got everything packed, loaded and their house clean by 11:00. Once we got home (I had my list of things to do in my head) hubby asked if I wanted to go into town with him. He needed to do a few errands and wanted to run to a paint store and flooring store. So, he, Nan and I headed out the door at 12:00. Kat stayed home. We didn't get home till 5:00...little longer than I thought. We spent more time in Sherwin Williams and Miller paint stores and then at CFM flooring stores than I cared to. Just kidding. It was fun, but began to get a bit overwhelming. I came home with way too many paint swatches! Once we got home, I got a few things done and then needed to head out the door to pick up my in-laws from the airport. I left the house and thought "I should grab my camera". As I drove I couldn't believe the cloud colors and formations. I know my pictures don't do justice (clearing throat)..I was the only one in the car, so I had to take the pictures while I drove...I did it quickly though! If I lived anywhere else then the Northwest I would have been a bit worried by the look of the sky. Instead there was lots of rain and wind.
These clouds had black, gray, brown and white! It was just so weird and you could see the blue sky above them.
I need to clean my car windows.
Pretty Wild huh! I know they don't compare to clouds in the midwest, but for us Northwesterners, these were out of the ordinary.
The sun did try to break through.
On the way home we noticed a bunch of police blocking the freeway and forcing everyone off. We were able to go up a bit and get back on. We thought it was a bad accident, but it turns out a man was threatening to jump off the overpass. Thankfully someone called it in soon enough and I think talked to him till police arrived and they were able to talk him into coming away. Thank you Lord!
So what a crazy busy day!! I'm behind on reading all your posts. But hopefully will catch up soon. We leave on Friday for 3 days. We're heading to Central Oregon for a soccer tournament for our oldest. The weather looks nice there!
My girls were treated by two of our young adults to Cold Stone Ice Cream last night. They said they ate alot. They are blessed to have amazing people in their lives who love them so much.
With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. What a day! The clouds were definitely unique. I was reminded the other day how facinating storms can be as we watched on roll across the pasture towards us. God is powerful!
    Enjoy the paint and floor shopping. You'll be so proud to be in your new house that you designed yourself!
    We have had our fill of the hardware store as well, trying to put this house back together. If it is the Lord's will, I hope we won't be relocating for a LOOONG time!

  2. We lost our power TWICE yesterday!! I must admit I do like the cooler temps we've been having but it doesn't seem like we are as close to Summer as we are!


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