The Sound of Silence

Wow.....I'm listening to......nothing! Well except the whirr of the computer, the coffee pot and my fingers on the keyboard. Oh, and an occasional yip from my in-laws poodle. This week it has been just my youngest (Nan) and me. My hubby and oldest (Kat) are in Lakeland,Florida, where they've been attending the Lakeland outpouring with Todd Bentley. They left on Monday and they come home tomorrow. We can't wait to see them. I think they took pictures....I say think, because several times Kat said "oh, we saw this..." and I said "did you get a picture..." her answer? You guessed it...."no". So who knows what will be on that camera when they get back. If anything, I'll post pictures. She informed me this morning or yesterday I can't remember that they saw an armadillo dead on the side of the road...though she couldn't remember what it was called, neither could hubby so they were calling it an aardvark...I asked if she took a picture..."no, mom, there wasn't much left of it" was the reply....gross! They have enjoyed the outpouring and have been up front every night. Hubby joined the ministry team and has been able to pray for people. One gentleman had some "bumps" protruding from under his skin, after Kat and hubby prayed for him, 6 or the 9 bumps were gone...I should say lumps because they were very visible. Kat has enjoyed the experience immensely. This morning they met my aunt, my cousin and my cousins two girls at Disney World for the day. They said they had a great time. And hubby said we have to go back. We were there last year. We are also house sitting/dog sitting for my in-laws who are visiting family in Goshen, Indiana. That's where my father-in- law is from and we love to go there for vacations when we can. So all that's just been me and Nan. And she misses her sis..(do you know that she has never called her sister by her first name? Nope she always calls her sis, or sissy. When she's mad, she has called her "Sissy Alyesse") Anyways...we have had a good time despite missing the other 1/2 of us. We rented 3 movies (Nanny McPhee, Molly and American girl movie, and a care bear movie), we've worked at the property (she is an amazing worker) and we went to the library. Not to mention out to lunch and we made homemade pizza last night and played Sorry. I tried a different pizza crust recipe which I'll share sometime this week. It was really quick and much so that I was worried it wouldn't turn out. But it was yummy! Oh, back to silence....Nan went with one of our young adult gals to see Prince Caspian....that's what I was originally going to say. So the house is quiet! I'll leave in a few hours for youth group. With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. I love those moments of silence, especially when the coffee is brewing!

    It must be fun having this special time with your daughter...I can't wait for those days, my little girl is only two and half, but I can hardly wait until we can have "girl nights" together!

  2. Silence? I'm not real sure that I know the meaning of that word anymore! haha I don't have much time, but Wanted to stop by and say hello.
    It looks like you guys have been busy lately. I can't wait to add you recipes to my collection. Hopefully I'll be caught up around here soon and can rejoin the blogging world!

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  4. I just had to leave a comment on the "sis, and sissy" thing. I am 42 and my brother is 37, and to this day, I have never heard him call me by my name. It is always "Sis". I think it is so endearing.


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