Recipe: Grilled Quesadillas and other odds and ends

It's 6:15 and I was hoping to get up at 5:00, but that didn't happen, now I really wish I had. Hubby, Kat and I were sitting in the living room last night and he said "so do you want to go with me to Portland in the morning. I have to be somewhere (can't remember where he said) by 7:30". I thought he was talking to Kat because often he'll use these times to spend time with the girls one on one. This morning I woke up and he said "so, are you going with me." I said "I thought you were talking to Kat." He says, no he meant me, he doesn't want her up that early. So now, I'm going to head to Portland in half an hour. If you knew me, you'd know that last minute spontaneity is not my thing. I have a plan in mind and it is hard to veer from that plan. I had wanted to get up early to spend "me" time before everyone wakes up...that is not going to happen this morning. Oh, well...I'll spend some "hubby" time instead.
Now the title of this post is Grilled Quesadillas and other odds and ends, so.....first the odds and ends. I just had a few pictures that I thought I'd share. This was what the sky looked like the other night. So pretty. I went up to the property yesterday afternoon and this is what I found. They're really working hard aren't they?
I jumped for awhile, fell and just stayed down. So Nan and I looked at the clouds. She and I went for a bike ride last night. It was so nice....and fun.
This is really random. These are the exterior lights for the house. You can't tell, but the glass is really cool looking.
NOW...on to the Quesadillas. Last night we did build your own Quesadillas. Then I grilled them. I was paranoid about flipping them over and all the innards spilling out everywhere (I would never make it in the great medical profession). I wrapped them in foil and grilled them that way. It worked, except once off the grill they stayed in the foil long enough to get soft again instead of crispy, so if I did it again I would lay foil over grill and just be sure the cheese melts enough before flipping them.
I grilled chicken and seasoned it with taco seasoning. Cut up cilantro, tomato, grated cheese, corn, beans, sauteed mushrooms and onion and made guacamole. The everyone chose what they wanted in theirs.
Here's mine. I topped it with everything.
The finished product. YUM-O!! Served with guacamole, sour cream and taco sauce. It was awesome. Everyone agreed.
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  1. Your quesadillas look yummy! We are having them on Sunday, but we basically do chicken and cheese - fairly boring I guess! But I'm adding a creamy jalapeno sauce to them this time - they will supposedly taste like the ones from Taco Bell - we'll see! Wish I had some avocados - you have me craving quacamole now!

  2. Hey Kirstin-I love your Blog picture! You captured the beauty of weeds! I also wanted to say thanks for sharing some of your mom's trational meals!
    oh and I think we will try the grilled pizza, cool idea for hot days!! Hugs and Blessing your way!


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