Putting God in a Box

I received a comment on my last post I believe directed to the Lakeland Outpouring that my daughter and hubby were at. I'm guessing this person was a bit skeptical of the whole thing. I started to comment, but it was getting so long that I decided to just make a post. I'm aware that many who read my blog won't always agree with everything I say, and that's okay. And she did a good job commenting. I think I have posted somewhere....about the journey God is taking our church through. Out of a religious rut (which we were not "religious" in certain contexts anyways, but in some) into a journey of intimacy with the father. Our Pastor is an amazing man (we are staff pastors as well) and is not one to allow anything to get out of balance. And yet not what "we" define balance as according to our old, religious mindsets. We won't put God in a box and limit him to doing things the way we think they should be done.. Please see our website, www.thepromise.cc and listen to some of our podcasts, read our "We've Decided" statements. God is doing amazing things as we realize who we are called to be. We're still working on the site so the podcasts aren't super up to date. Hopefully they will be soon because the last few weeks have been great. If the word says greater works will I do, to heal the sick, raise the dead, then okee dokee! I'm going to at least take a risk. So much through scripture it speaks about who we are called to be and through that what we are called to do. My mom passed away from cancer 5 years ago (she was saved) and we were believing for healing, though we do believe on several occasions she was healed. Do I still believe in healing. You bet I do. Do I believe that something in her life caused her to not be healed. No! Do I believe that there can be things that cause our sickness (like unforgiveness, etc...) that need to be dealt with? Yes! But I also know I'm not responsible for the outcome of someone being healed. Nor is anyone praying for someone. We have seen several people healed in our own church and some not. I still battle with a whacked out achilles tendon. We've had a gentleman receive 4 gold teeth after watching God TV and the Florida Outpouring. Does that blow our minds? You bet. We have a gentleman in a wheelchair who is still in a wheelchair. He worships like crazy. Will we keep believing for him to get up out of it? Yes! If He doesn't will we stop believing? No! Will we doubt and become bitter? No! He's passionate about God and pursuing intimacy and that's what counts. I know our pastors are guarding our body and aren't going to let anything harmful in. I know and have heard Todd Bentley say that not everyone who is prayed for is healed, but keep praying, keep declaring. Can God use us in whatever state we are in? Yes! We're not responsible for the why's or why nots, we're responsible for the obedience to do what the word says. We have experienced more intimacy, more power, more "freedom" in the past few years. More emotional, physical, mental healing then ever before. We have seen fruit from the ministries we choose to link up to. We see a "realness" that says, "we may not always get it right, we're going to keep trying." And yet still living lives that are pleasing, powerful and in alignment with the Word. Years ago we might have raised our eyebrows at some things, but He is continually giving us revelation that is leading to transformation. And it's sooo good! Okay, I could go on and on, but I won't. I have been saved for 24 years and God is removing layer upon layer upon layer bringing me new revelation and transformation to my life. Was anything I knew and did before wrong? No, it's what I knew. He's just revealing more of Himself to me now. www.ibethel.org is another place we've linked to. Bethel Church in Redding California. Like I said, I know not everyone agrees, so if your comments are geared towards not agreeing I just ask that you keep them kind and appropriate, or just simply don't comment. (Big smile). With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. Good post Kirstin. We are believing too! There is an outpouring at a church in Marysville. Many from our church have gone. God is moving and He can't be stopped!

    There will always be folks who disagree. That is the human nature in us, and the enemy working too. Yes, the holy spirit will correct us, but from what I have seen this faith movement aligns with scripture.

    One of our elders was preaching and God gave him a picture of a Tsunami (spelling?) and that this movement was like a Tsunami. Our elder has been saying we need to surf this Tsunami. Then God showed him the Tsunami is love. We need to surf the Tsunami of love, and believe that God will heal yet not lose heart with whatever path God decides in that healing. Good stuff and very aligned in the Word.

    Keep it up girlfriend!


  2. Kirstin, So sorry I haven't been blogging for some time now! Isn't it wonderful that we can have the ability to pray and talk directly to our God! I just think it is awesome that we have direct connection to Him! I have seen so many times in my life in the people around me how God works so many miracles and sometimes, He just doesn't do exactly what we think He should do. Thank the Lord that He sees the big picture because if it were up to us, what a mess it would be! Thanks for your post! :)

  3. I have been saved 24 years too. I was fourteen (1984) and a teacher explained who Jesus was, what he did and what it means. My best friend became a Christian that same day through that same conversation, though we only discussed it with each other much later. The teacher encouraged us each to go away quietly to think about what she told us and we each separately made a prayer of faith and repentance. (We were on a school camp.)

    I feel rather dull and uncertain as a Christian at the moment but know that this too will pass. I would love to visit your church one day.



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