Menu Plan Monday

Our weather here in the Northwest is warming up nicely and that means more grilling for me. Last week Kat was gone and we just didn't quite do dinners as planned. We had a few meals, but either we had bigger lunches and so we didn't want dinner, or we just had something light. This week might be a little more normal. At least I'll try and make it that way. We'll see what happens. with working on the house, soccer practices, soccer camp, and a huge fourth of July fundraiser I never know what will take place.
But here are my thoughts, we'll see how they work out:
* Chicken Veggie Tacos with salad and beans
* Meatloaf, mashed potatoes and veggie
* BBQ chicken with roasted potatoes and veggie
* Grilled salmon with a cold quinoa salad and a cucumber tomato relish
* grilled Quesadillas with fresh fruit and salad
* chicken pot pie with fresh fruit
*citrus-soy drumsticks with rice and veggie
Take time to check out some of my other posts and past recipes. And be sure to check out more menus at Org junkie. With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. The quinoa mixture you mentioned sound wonderful - it would make a nice side dish for grilling out this summer too. Thanks and I'll check back to see how your quinoa salad turns out later this week.

  2. Dont ya just love that the weather is finally clearing. I'll ask hubby what bakery that was. I always forget.

  3. Your menu sounds yummy!

    Have you grilled pizzas before? I have heard of doing it but just am too chicken I guess to try!

    Enjoy your week!

  4. I am so glad it finally warming up...seems like we went straight from Winter to Summer doesn't it??


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