Boy, I have some time to myself and thought I'd try and make some adjustments to my blog. I wanted to try to make it 3 columns. I went to tips for bloggers and tried to follow their template but when I went to preview it, it said I did something wrong. How frustrating. Then I went on their site to leave a comment to ask for help but noticed that the last entry was back in 2007..hmmm, gee, think I'll get a response. I was so excited too....sigh....Then...I noticed my signature was missing, and I noticed that Mrs. Darling at Dishpan Dribbles signature was missing too and so I tried to go to MySignature and lo and behold it wasn't there and I couldn't get on it. I am not having much success! Oh, well...guess I'll find something else to occupy my time with. I suppose I could go up and measure the walls of the house again since I measured them wrong. Who knows...and honestly I don't feel like doing anything, so maybe I'll just sit here and catch up with the blogs I haven't been able to read lately. After all, starting tomorrow it's going to be running non-stop!! With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. Yeah, I just now took the htnl for my signature out of my permannet settings. I cant figure out what happened either. I did manage to get three columns on my site with no problem but now I dont remember how I did it. LOl I just followed a script that told you how step by step.

  2. Uh goodness, excuse all the typos!

  3. I followed a script too, but it didn't work. i may try again some other time, but it has to be when I have uninteruppted time. And not sure when that will be again (C:

    If you find another signature place, let me know..I'll do the same.

  4. I did a 3-column on mine. I think it's from free blogger skins? If you look on my blog, I believe it's in the bottom left sidebar (yes I'm being too lazy to go look, but I have to jump in in 5 minutes to deal with the color on my hair, so I'm trying to leave this comment before time is up - lol!) I saved a copy of my template code in msword just in case I goofed up. Then I just copied and pasted the code from that site, and voila - 3 templates! However, I lost a lot of stuff when I did it, so you might want to save your links and stuff too before you do a big switch. If you need any help, let me know. I'm no expert by far, but I've figured a few things out here and there!

  5. Hi Kirstin, it's so nice to meet another Kiki. My nephews couldn't say Aunt Kristi when they were born so they just called me Aunt Kiki. I love it. You and I use the same blogger template. I used the info from this site to help me convert to 3 columns and it worked. Here is the link:



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