Going to get Daddy!

Last night we had to go pick up daddy/hubby from the airport. His flight came in at 10:35. We thought we'd make it fun and bring the camera. Plus I really wanted to figure out how to take pictures at night. *NOTE: I didn't get it figured out*. Nan decided to make hot chocolate for the road, to drink and to keep her hands warm. She completely boiled the water and then asked me to put it in her cup for her. I said okay, but we should add some milk to it. "no" she said "I want it to stay warm for when we go"...she made it about 30 minutes before we left. I said okay...but these cups are meant to keep things hot so it might not cool down. Off we go. P.J.'s, hot chocolate and all. We first had to go to the church and pick up the churches van to drive so there'd be more room. We tried to take pictures on the freeway but they were a blurry mess.
Ummmmm.....still too hot. Oh, note...we had stopped at this point and were waiting in a designated area for them to call and tell us they landed. So she's okay not in her seat. *NOTE: the hot chocolate never got cool enough to drink. OH, well. It was a good hand warmer I guess.
While we waited KAT laid down in the backseat. Both girls were tired, though NAN had much more energy.
Here we sat. This picture turned out pretty good. And at about 10:35 we saw a Southwest Airlines plane come in for a landing and wondered if that was dads plane. Sure enough about 5 minutes later, we got the call that they had landed.
The designated cell phone waiting area! Kind of a nice convenience so we don't have to drive around and around in circles wasting gas. We usually just pick up by the baggage claim.
Here's the Portland International Airport. It was dead..no one around. I came another time to pick up my dad this late and it was back to back, bumper to bumper. Weird huh?
This was NAN by the time we got home. KAT was the same but I couldn't get a good shot of her.
And guess what, tomorrow morning we get to wake up at 4:00 in order to leave for the airport yet again to say bye to dad and KAT as they head off to Florida for 4 days. Have Mercy!!
With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. Hi Kirstin...a trip to the airport can be exciting and exhausting all at the same time! Sounds like your little family has been very very bust lately!!


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