Florida Trip

I'm posting some pictures from hubby's and Kats recent Florida trip. They borrowed a friends camera to take along. They ate at Planet Hollywood. When I first saw this picture I thought..."gee, hubby's not tall, but he's not THAT short". Then I realized that this seat was probably abnormally large.
Outside Lego Land. All these things were made out of lego's. Pretty cool!
Kat and my cousins oldest daughter in the following pictures. I love that my daughter is one that will "play" with anyone. She is not a respecter of age and just loves being with people. Young and old.
She's going to be an awesome babysitter.
My cousins two girls, and Kat
Silly girls!
They had a great trip. Lots of cool stuff took place at the Outpouring. And they had fun with my aunt, cousin and little cousins.
On the Friday night that they came back hubby shared at our Friday night worship at church. During that night we prayed for a guy who wears hearing aides in both ears. His hearing was healed. Sunday he came to church without his hearing aides....go God!!
With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. When we lived in Orlando last year, we loved to eat at that Planet Hollywood. It is soooo delicious!


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