Exterior Siding Ideas

Thought I'd first throw in a few pictures of the soffit on the back side of the house. I just love the look of it. Up close view
View where you can see the porch as well. Hubby is now working on the garage side soffit. And ordering siding tomorrow.
So speaking of siding.....Yesterday I was up there sanding and staining boards and he (hubby) was trying to decide how to side the house. We know we want lap, batten board and cedar shakes, but are trying to decide where to put each thing. We know the cedar shakes will go on the gables. But deciding where to put the lap and where to put the batten board is another story.
This is our pumphouse. One of the options is to side the house the same way this is sided.
Here's the problem I am very visual...oh, wait, back to yesterday. So hubby is trying to decide and he runs his thought by me. However, I am very visual (this is the problem) and staring at a house and trying to envision something on it is nearly impossible. So today, bless his heart, (because this took him time and he didn't really want to have to take the time to draw it all out for me...) he presented me with three drawings so that I could "see" what the different options look like on the house.
At first I liked this option, but now I actually think it looks kind of boring. The shakes will be on the gables. The other two larger areas are stone.
This isn't bad. I think it's my #2 choice.
This ended up being my #1 choice. It matches the pumphouse. I think it will look really nice when it's done. We haven't made a final decision yet. I'll let you know what we go with.
With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. it's going to be amazing, isn't it? You must be so excited.


  2. I agree with you. I love the look of rock on a house. It gives it a "homey" feel to me.


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