Experimenting with my Camera

This week is our towns yearly celebration. They kick it off with a fireworks display on Thursday night. I have been really wanting to learn how to use my camera outside the already pre-set automatic settings. Two years ago we bought a Nikon D50 with 2 lenses. One a 70-300 in order to capture our daughters better on the soccer field. And I have loved them and the camera. But I'm a bit camera illiterate and so I have mainly stuck with the automatic settings. Since I started blogging I've found many sites and blogs on photography or just simply people who take amazing pictures. I want to be one of those peeps. Knowing there had to be a way to take great shots of fireworks I did a google search (since I couldn't find any tips from Ree at Pioneer Woman...though I did send her a hint that it would be a great tutorial). We'll see if she takes the hint. I sure hope so! Anyways, I googled and checked out a few sites, and then with camera and tripod in hand we headed to the park...after stopping at Safeway and buying Ben and Jerry's ice cream, spinach dip, and yummy cheese and garlic toasts. I set the tripod up, mounted the camera and waited. While at home I put my camera on the manual setting "A" which was the only setting that I could get to let me change the "F" stop...I at first set it to F16, then changed to F10 for the other picture just to see what would happen. This stuff is all still foreign to me....but these were the results I got. I think they turned out okay for the first try. They're not near as bad as the ones I took last year.

I guess now my tripod will go everywhere with me as well!

I think I'm also going to experiment and try going with 3 columns on my blog. I'm hoping I do it right and don't ruin everything. I just have to remember to back up this one! So if I disappear, I'll be back. I need to wait and do it when I have lots of uninterrupted time (C:


  1. Those pictures came out great. I have a new camera I have been experimenting with as well. I caught some great sunset shots at the beach the other day and a nice picture zoomed in closer of the moon.


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