Decisions, Decisions

There are always so many decisions to make when building a house. What color this, what style that. It can get a bit overwhelming. At least for me. But it's still fun and I really do enjoy it. Yesterday I went with a friend to traipse about Portland. Our goal was to hit the Habitat for Humanity Re-Store. I found it, and found nothing. It wasn't quite what I expected. But then we found a store called Rejuvenation. Talk about a cool store! This store had everything. New, Used, antique. They had fun kitchen ware, furniture, lighting. I mean you name it, they probably had it. That made the trip worth it. I got some neat ideas. They were a bit spendy, but still I'd go back. I came home and laid all the paint swatch samples I got on Monday out on the table and tried to begin making decisions. They're still sitting on the table and the tablet is blank. Mainly because I had to leave not long after setting them up. Hopefully soon I'll have decisions made.
When I get it more narrowed down, I'll take more pictures.
We love the look of natural Hickory. I think that is what we will go with in the house. In this first phase, it will only be in the downstairs hall. Everything else will be carpet or tile. The garage will be stained concrete.
I love the look of hand scraped floors. We'll go for wider boards and with the same character as the top picture, but probably the color of one of the bottom two.
I'm not quite sure what type of tile we'll go with on the kitchen/utility, bathroom floors. And we'll probably go with a tan, brown, or red stain on the garage floor.
The other day hubby put up quite a few can lights. The ones on the porch look great. They are a Tuscan bronze and I love them. I'll take a picture today if I have time. Our outside porches will be stained concrete and they'll look so cool. I can't wait.
So these are decisions I'm making at the moment.
With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. My husband wanted hickory cabinets in teh kitchen. I like hickory on the floor but not for the kitchen. I vetoed it and we went with white wood tones.

    I should check out that store youre talking about. Sounds like it would be someplace I'd love.

  2. We have only built one house totally ourselves, and it was quite an undertaking, but well worth it. Good luck and have fun. It is so great to be able to put you own little special touch on things and make it truly unique.

  3. Paint and flooring exciting!! You guys have to be thrilled to finally be at this stage of building your home. The colors you have laid out are just beautiful and I adore the florring...all of it. You can't go wrong with hardwood! I can't wait to see you other choices and the color on the walls!


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