While dad's away the girls will.....WORK!

Hubby is gone in Arizona for a conference and then next week flies to Florida with KAT. Soooo I have a lot to accomplish at the property. Mostly sanding and staining pine boards for the rest of the soffit. I also need to put a second coat of paint on all the ceilings. Lots to do! The girls helped me yesterday which was awesome. They sanded the boards (they'll need to be sanded, two coats of stain put on, lightly sanded again and then a final coat of stain) while I worked on painting the garage (or living area in this phase) ceiling. I still have one half of the garage to paint and then I'll start staining.
Last night we went to dinner with my in-laws for my Father-in-laws birthday. Today the girls are going swimming with cousins so I'll have time to go up to the property and work. KAT got a bathing suit. A friend of ours had bought one for her honeymoon and it doesn't fit anymore. It's a very cute tankini and covers her well. We'll go tomorrow to find some board shorts to go with it. House, pumphouse to left Our neighbor mowed our property. It looks so good!
Hard at work loading up boards. I think they sanded about 30 boards. I'm thankful that we are teaching our girls to be hard workers. That doesn't mean they don't ever complain, but when they work, they work hard.
Notice the "not-so-happy" look on someones face in the background. She felt like big sister was taking over her job.
Finally they figured out how to work together.
Sanding away.
When they were done they jumped on the trampoline and shot their BB gun while I finished up. Later I'll post some paint ideas.
With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. Your home is beautiful. I was trying to place Woodland and now placed it. We were there not too long ago as our former Pastor is in Battleground and we were visiting.
    Too bad you didn't come with your hubby on his business trip here to Phoenix. We could have your family for dinner :)

  2. i love your home and the beautiful property it sits on! it's so green and lush. Arizona is so different. i do miss the green.....



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