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Would you believe that since we got here (Sunriver) on Thursday, it has done nothing but rain! How sad...it even tried to snow one morning. I feel bad for the seniors who came on this retreat with us because we haven't been able to do as much as usual. But we did go to the family Fun Center and to see the new Narnia yesterday. We'll see how today is. So there may not be many if any pictures to post. Everyone is sleeping. Hubby and KAT went for a bike ride and I'm going to go cut up some fruit and start breakfast...while watching Food Network (a rare treat for me) With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. Hi, Kristin. I initially came here just becaues I have a 15 yr-old named Kristin with an "i." :) I was delighted to see that you pastor youth; I work in a large youth ministry in Indiana. Oregon looks so, so beautiful. You made me want to go there, and I'm not a great travel-lover. Just saying Hi, hope you all have a great time.


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