Our Old House: UPDATE

A week or so ago, I shared one of my favorite shows, Fixer Upper and the book Magnolia by Chip and Joanna Gaines on my FB page. This got me thinking about our old house and the work we did to remodel it. It wasn't what you would call a fixer upper, but it was one of those mass produced cheap homes, where they all look the same. We were blessed to get into that house when our oldest daughter was 1 and we really loved living there. It was a great house for our small family and the neighborhood was great. After about 10 years of living there the opportunity opened up for us to by some property and build another home (it's still being built). You can go to the Home Building label in the sidebar to see more posts. But a few years before we sold, we decided to do some remodeling. We repainted, put laminate flooring in all but two rooms, tiled the entry and kitchen and added white trim and doors. The only two rooms we didn't get to were the girls room and guest bedroom. Read on for more. Boy I liked what we did. 

I said I'd share some pictures from our old house. Gee it was nice to have my OWN house. We started our remodel 2 years before we sold it. It was a slow process because we'd just save up and buy things as we could. We repainted all the walls, put in new trim and doors and put in wood laminate floors and tile. We loved how it turned out...though the sad part was that when we sold it, the people repainted. I was very sad.
Even then our girls were hard workers. And they look so young...they were probably 8 and 5 I'd say. Kat pulling up flooring. She had a hard time with this remodel. She is a girl who likes things to stay the same. She doesn't like change too much. Nan doesn't care. She just likes to get in and get dirty.
The outside. It was actually pretty miraculous that we got in this house as our debt to income ratio at the time (11 years ago) didn't cut it. But we showed them how we could budget it and do it and they let us. Over the years we took our time landscaping and doing things.
Kitchen remodel. I loved this. New paint and tile. And hubby got me an over the range micro one year for mothers day. Our old one was out in the garage.
Living room. Oh, I can't wait to sit on my furniture again!
Dining and entry.

Family room.
With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. I love your living room! So nice and welcoming!

  2. I love your flooring and your living room looks so cozy :)


  3. You all did a great job! I love the pictured of the kids working, what a blessing that is to them for their future!

  4. What a cute home! I never saw these before.

    1. Thank you! I loved our remodel, sometimes I also miss the smaller home...lol


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