Kitchen Tip Tuesday: Flax Seed

I have been hearing for awhile about the benefits of flax seed: They are high in Omega-3, are said to help reduce the symptoms of menopause, especially hot flashes, promote better bone health, help fight against cancer, diabetes and high blood pressure, and more! I wanted to try to incorporate this into our diet but I didn't like how they tasted in seed form (I had bought some cereal with flax seed in it). I opted to begin buying it in bulk and grinding only what we needed. I store it in the fridge. We can then sprinkle it on yogurt, oatmeal or put it in smoothies. I also read (I think on another Kitchen Tip post that you can replace flax seed for about that? 1 Tbs. flax + 3 Tbs. water= 1 egg. I am definitely going to try that one. I found this great site which had awesome information. I purchased golden flax which was a bit darker than these pics. Some other suggestions for use (most call for ground which seems more versatile and absorbs quicker into the body) are to add it to your muffin,cookie or bread recipes. Sprinkle them on your hot cereals and add them to your smoothies or breakfast drinks. I have not yet tried the flaxseed oil. For now this works great for us.
Whole golden flax seed Ground golden flax seed
With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. I'll have to try this out. I heard too the flax seed has great health benefits.

  2. I just read Candace's post about the eggs and flax seed. Thanks for posting the link on you site, I was about to start researching flax tonight. I really want to start incorporating it more in our diet.
    Have a great week.

  3. Eating flax is a great way to improve you health because it has fiber, lignans, and omega-3 fatty acids.

    You probably won't be able to get enough omega-3's from flax, however, so I hope you are working to reduce foods high in omega-6's while increasing your omega-3 intake.

    Flax can also be used as a substitute for shortenings in baking.


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