I love this weather

I love this weather! Even though yesterday it got close to 96 and I took 2 shower because I managed to get nice and sweaty it was still wonderful. I rode my bike a few blocks over to a friends house to help her plant her garden at 8:00 yesterday morning. I admit I was a little envious. I can't wait to have a garden. At 9:30 I headed home to shower, finish my grocery list and head for town. First I needed to help KAT finish mowing the lawn. She did it but just needed help with a few things. Grocery shopping was great as long as I stayed in an air conditioned place. By the time I got my cart from the store to the car my bag salad was already warm. Good thing I remembered a cooler. Once home I unloaded and the girls and I went up to the property so they could play with the neihbor girl and I cleaned up around the house (little bits of garbage here and there). Then we all headed down for showers before going to the graduation (which was fine but NAN would have rather been elsewhere). Today I decided to not go to the training thing at the church. I'd already sat through it somewhere else (it's learning more about a ministry we are starting in our church that we heard about through Bethel Church in Redding...called SOZO...which is a healing ministry). There is just too many things to do and I need to balance my time better.
Hmmm...I edited this and think I deleted some things. well, I included some pics of our soffit. I love how it looks. This will be under all the eaves and also the front covered porch. I'm in love with it and envision myself sitting outside with a cup of coffee and someday my own laptop writing my devotional book....sigh....want to join me.
With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. Kristin,
    thanks so much for leaving me a kind comment on my blog. I am a very poor blogger. I got tons of things to write about and pics, don't get me wrong. I ooze with juices and just itch to write. But my life for the past 6 or so weeks has been nothing but softball and baseball. My kids who have lived in the city (for the last 16 months) after country life and moving around from city max months to country bag in between jobs have really been enjoying city life and sports. I take pics of their games, events, activities but not much time to post them! LOL! I took a min to check your blog out. You posted on my HSB but I also created a blogspot account. Pretty much the same thing. I like HSB because the template dispays pics and slideshows XL. I haven't gotten so techno yet to figure HTML out to make my own template and add widgets, etc. I followed dir to a 3 col template but reversed to 2 cuz it didn't work well! HA! That's as far as I got. I'd love to learn how to add things on the side like most of my friends know how to. Your hummus and other pics look so enticing. I will add you to my friends' list and hope to check on your blog when the ball season is over! Oh, Lord that will be some awesome day, I tell ya! Blessings, Natalie


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