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I love color and it is so hard to choose colors for our house. We have a friend who works for Sherwin Williams and so we will probably go with them. I love alot of their colors, though I was unable to really save and post the color swatches except for a few, so these ideas are very limited. I also love Miller Paints Devine Color. I am totally into the earth tones and yet love some of the brighter greens and yellows. I love browns, reds, greens, yellows, and some grays. In our old house we used Devine paints in: Mocha, paprika, olive, hazlenut and macadamia. Our bedroom was a deep brown on all walls with a burnt red faux on another wall.
These are colors I'm toying with using. Keep in mind these swatches don't do them justice really. Our trim inside the house will be a cream color. Bathroom downstairs: Sherwin Williams cocoon (do a color wash or other faux finish with this) Maybe in the utility/kitchen area: When I did the color visualizer it looked cool. Sherwin Williams tupelo tree.
This does not look much like the visualizer. It's really more of a yellow. I'm thinking a colorwash of this in the downstairs hall area. Sherwin Williams quilt gold.
Yes, another funky green. Sherwin Williams gecko. I like this for the utility/kitchen as well. I just wanted something bright. We'll see. Watch I'll go for all soft tones.
Exterior color idea. Sherwin williams gristmill on the body and softer tan on the trim. We saw this house and really liked it. And we have not been able to agree on an exterior color. So this may be it.
If I find pictures of our old house I'll post those later. We had just remodeled and then we sold it.
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  1. Love that darrk color and the yellow a LOT!

  2. i love your colors :) we just painted our family room,kitchen,dining~living room combo. We choose a dark green, yellow/gold color with burnt orange accents. i love it :)

    good luck choosing your paint. i know it will look great :)



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