A Beautiful Morning

Our weather in the Northwest can be so strange. We've gone from 68/70 degree weather to 86/92 degree weather. All within a few days. Two days ago it was chilly and rainy. Yesterday it was in the upper 80's and today will get in the mid to upper 90's. Yikes!! I better go buy some sunscreen. I will say, it is so beautiful here! I realize this post is very long but please bear with it and read on.....
Wednesday and Thursday I spent 4 hours each day painting ceilings inside the house. I didn't do too bad. I say that because I am a very, and I mean very amateur painter!! My hubby usually paints the house and does it very well, but seeing as he's building this house, the least I can do is paint it. But oh how I wish we had oodles of money and I could have someone do it for me. I still have quite a bit of painting to do. I still haven't picked wall colors yet. This is not an easy task. I've discovered I have a hard time making decisions. The girls spent time up there doing school on the trampoline, playing and pulling weeds. Last night one of our youth leaders asked to have a little bonfire for her 9th and 10th grade girls small group from church. We went and hung out too eating s'mores and chatting. I love nice weather. I love my property. I can't wait to be up there all day, everyday! I will say that our insulation in the house is amazing. We have all our doors on but one, and there are no knobs so air can still get in. Even in the heat with the house open it stayed so nice and cool in there. I was very impressed. I also need to do some weed eating and weed spraying. Our woods are overtaken with nettles and I'd like to clean that up so the girls can go play. I'll post some pics next week.....or the week after. LOL Hubby has finished the soffit under the back porch and is starting on the front. It looks so good. I'll take pictures and post them next week. I just imagine sitting out there with a cup of coffee......
Busyness of life....but it's all good!
The next few days/weeks will be filled with busyness. This morning at 8:00 I'm heading over to a friends to help her put some plants in the ground. KAT will mow the lawn here at the house and the girls will do school. When I'm done planting I need to go grocery shopping (just what I want to do in 90+ degree weather....but it has to be done.) Then we're going to a college graduation. Two of our young adults are graduating from Portland Bible College. I'm so proud of them. Tomorrow and Sunday I've got a training at the church, KAT has a babysitters class she's taking with a friend and hubby will be at the property. Not sure what NAN will do. Maybe go to grandmas. Monday and Tuesday I'll back up to the property and hopefully finish painting. Wednesday shop and pack for our Memorial Day trip to Sunriver. We take the seniors in our youth group each year. I'm sure I'll come back with tons of pictures. Hubby will be gone the following week for 4 days at a conference in Arizona. He comes back and he and KAT leave for Florida to go check out the Florida Outpouring going on in Lakeland. They'll be gone for 3 days. And it just keeps going...we have a weekend soccer tournament in Bend, Oregon, then KAT goes to California with a friend. Our youth group does a huge 4th of July fundraiser for a week....sometime in there I need to have a garage sale...It's looking like July! Sheesh....so much! But it's all good.
Hot Weather Cooking!!!
Because the weather was so hot yesterday I BBQ'd everything outside. Marinated salmon (you can find the recipe in the recipe link), and then I sliced baby dutch potatoes, and tossed them in olive oil with fresh green beans, onion, zucchini and yellow squash. Seasoned them with garlic powder, salt, pepper and parsley and grilled them on a foil lined pan (covered with foil as well). Oh was it yummy!!!! Nothing had to be cooked indoors.
Mother's Day re-cap
Monday for Mother's Day we went to Olive Garden. I was in heaven. I had 5 cheese stuffed rigatoni with shrimp in a tomato Parmesan sauce. It was to die for. I savored every bite and then ate leftovers the next day. We also went and just hung out in Barnes and Noble looking at design books while the girls browsed the kids section. Well I must go get dressed and get moving! I may not see you till next week, so have an amazing weekend!
With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. Wow, you are so busy. Your house sounds amazing. I'd love to see it one day.

    It's funny, while your weather is getting hotter, today has been the coldest May day here in over 30 years. It's been cold and, miraculously (because we so love and need rain) wet.

    Kate xxx


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