Bathing Suits and Sleep Deprivation!

Yes, this is all my "graying" glory (do you know that my youngest looked at me last week and said "so mom....are you planning on coloring your hair before we go to Sunriver?" Apparently the gray is getting very noticeable), and not appearing very photogenic, but this look is about what I'm feeling right now. I am bone tired! This morning I woke up at 4:00 to leave at 4:45 to take hubby and a friend of ours to the airport. And didn't go to bed last night till almost midnight. You do the math...that's not much sleep. They went to a conference in Phoenix, AZ. The girls went too, (oops, not to the conference but to the airport...told you I was tired) so I woke them up at 4:30. The airport is only 1/2 hour away so by 6:00 we were home again. Hallelujah! And it's a straight shot up I-5. Perfect! But by the time we hit home I was ready to hit the sack. So the girls and I all climbed into my bed and slept for another hour. At least I did. Nan slept till 10:00 and Kat was up at 7:15. And guess what they come home at 10:30 pm this saturday, and come Monday I get to do this all over again when hubby and Kat leave for Florida and my inlaws leave for Indiana...all at the same time....too early! At about 10:30 we hit the road on our quest to find a bathing suit for Kat. Let's just say that 4 hours later we came home empty handed. It is not easy shopping for a swimsuit to correctly fit a 12 year old who is in between girls and junior sizes. So we will try again on Saturday. She bought one last year that she loved but it is too small for her. Oh the joys of growing up. But then again I'm almost 40 and I still have problems finding a swimsuit. I tried on a few today as well but came home empty handed. Why oh why can't it be easy. Several years ago I bought a simple one piece at walmart and then some really cute board shorts to go with it. I loved that ensemble and wore till I literally wore the backside out of the's the story on that one. I always wore the board shorts with my swimsuit (it just looked hid my thighs and hips and was just flattering). Well after years of this we happened to go to a state basketball tournament and I brought my swimsuit so we could go in the hotel pool. To my dismay I realized I left my board shorts at home. And I look so much better with them on. So I decide "oh well, no one knows me here I'll just wear it this way". The girls really wanted to go in the pool and so did the gal we brought with us. So into the bathroom I go to change. Out I came to stand in front of the full length mirror to see how it looked. Hubby was sitting on the bed and started chuckling. I asked him what was so funny. He replies "do you realize you can see right through your bathing suit". "WHAT!" I turned around and sure enough years of wearing board shorts wore my swimsuit clear through and you could definitely see some backside! I laughed so hard. I would have been so embarrassed to walk out the door and to the pool innocently flashing my behind at every poor soul in the hotel. The swimsuit I have now is super cute. It has a skirt that covers the thighs (and no board shorts to wear it thin). The only problem is that because it has a skirt I can't wear a pair of shorts over it. Which is what I'd like to do sometimes. Sooooo...I'm on the quest for a new suit! I also hate the thought of buying an expensive one because I so rarely wear one. I'm thinking of looking for a tankini style one that almost looks like a exercise top because then I could wear it working in the yard as well....who knows. The saga continues. I think I'll try Penneys. We were there today for Kat and I saw some that I thought were cute. Anyone have any suggestions of where they like to shop for swimwear? I need to get motivated because in this next week that hubby's gone I need to get alot accomplished at our property. Mainly sand and stain more pine boards to finish the soffit. And if there's time put a second coat of paint on the ceilings. I think we've decided on exterior paint color and I think I have a few rooms down for color on the interior. I'll try to post those tomorrow. Okay, I'm definately tired...I'm rambling! Goodnight. Though I'm probably not going to bed. I will either type some more recipes or surf the net for swim suits and paint ideas. With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. Hey Kirstin! I just received a Lands' End magazine today...they have some tankini's...they sent a free shipping check out them online...and I can send you the code if you find a suit! I have had some luck getting suits from Target, Old Navy and Macy's. From my pool days I have a few tricks to help you prolong the wear of your I wore mostly speedo type suits they hold up better to the chlorine (chlorine resistant). Bathing suits usually get hammered because the material is not the same as the speedo type. So my advice is once you buy your suit, don't wash it, soak it for 24 hours in a vinegar/water solution. Then rinse and there will be no need to soak again! The vinegar is supposedly supposed to help hold the color. If you are going into a chlorine pool ALWAYs make sure you hop into the shower and get your whole suit wet. That way you are absorbing the chlorine free water...this also is good to do with your hair! After the swim-rinse the suit well. Maybe use just soap and hand wash- then air dry! Maybe you already knew these tricks?!! Oh and to comment on your old is very normal for your suit to wear at the bum, all my suits did the same...shorts or no shorts. Our bums just stretch it out more! I would sometimes during swim team or lessons double up my suits because the bum was the only part thin! The chest part would also go thin....yikes! New suit time! Okay I will end my to you later!!! Tara


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