Works For Me Wednesday: Photoshop

It's another Works For Me Wednesday, and boy am I late getting this done. I'm super tired and really didn't feel like it, but I've also been wanting to get some pictures on here so I thought I'd post about one of my favorite programs: Photoshop Elements. Now, for a disclaimer...I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing most of the time. I just like to play with pictures. I love these two blogs especially for help..though neither really use Elements. Pioneer woman and Alyssa at Crazy Busy. They both have great photo tutorials. But anyways, I just like to play, so below are just a few things I did with my Elements Program. It's not as expensive at the Photoshop CS and probably all an amateur needs. I can fix my mistakes, get creative or whatever my heart desires. Later, I hope to post some pictures of our local tulip festival, but don't know if they'll be photoshopped or not. You can simply add frames to your pics, adjust color, make black and whites, etc...the options are quite limitless really. Okay, so now for the pictures, and if you asked me how I did anything, I'd probably say I forgot...because I probably did.
This was SOOC (straight out of the camera) and pretty blah! Using one of the tools from pioneer woman, I brightened it up a bit. I would have liked to have played around a bit more, but this was okay enough.
I am not the most photogenic person, and my eyes were really squinted in this SOOC shot, but I liked the picture of KAT and I. Sooooo......
Using one of the elements filters (distort, liquify), I raised my eyelids a bit. Now I'm sure I didn't really do it very well, and if I were to print the picture you could probably see what a poor job I did, but for the computer it worked just fine and I look more awake.
This one was fun, because I kept the color in the flowers and removed the color from the girls, I even figured out how to add back the color in a few spots that I messed up on.
same with this shot. I removed the color, then added the color back on just one flower.
I can't remember what I did on this one, but it was fun.
One thing both the gals do on the sites I linked to, is that they have a way of making eyes "pop". I haven't quite gotten it to work as well with my girls and I'm wondering if it's because their eyes are darker. Nan's are hazel, and KATS a bluish gray/green. These gals have kids with knockout blue eyes. Soooo I need to keep playing with that one.
With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. Hey Kirstin, great job on the photos! Love the one of you and your dtr. Did you know my husband flew up to Pasco a few weeks ago and spoke at a men's breakfast?
    Cool uh?

  2. Looks good. I love working with photos like that!

  3. Kirstin..thats neat! Love all the photos ! My DH is an Art Director for the web so he always helps me when I want to do something special..either him or my DD!

  4. OK, don't know exactly how you did that with your eyes, but COOL! I need to learn that trick! (What I REALLY need to know though, is how to get rid of the double chin! LOL!)

    Love the B&W's with color. Those are so much fun to do! But I think you are better at it than I am!


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