It Starts Today.....Hopefully

I have been saying for months that I was going to redo all my recipes. Well, I've gotten closer. The folder has been sitting on my desk for two days. Now I have one Word document started. The goal is to re-type all my recipes and put them in one or two, or however many binders it takes. This is only a portion of the recipes I have. I know packed away in boxes, are even more cookbooks. I love recipes and I love recipe books. At one time I probably had enough recipes from magazines and friends to last a lifetime. But space and reality have sunk in, and I've weeded through many of them. And I'm okay with that. The other day...okay, maybe it's been a week...but I went through all the loose recipes I had and two photo albums that I had turned into recipe books. I decided which recipes I would probably never make even though they sounded good, and which recipes I still want to try or are regular favorites. Now the goal is to get them all onto the computer, then printed off and put in clear plastic sleeves in binders. I'm not sure how I'll do it. Maybe a binder for each category. That might be the best way to go. Maybe I'll do one binder that is mainly for entertaining. There are certain meals that I really only cook when we have company. They're ones that are "splurges" and I find if I make them for company, the temptation to pig-out on leftovers isn't there. I know the above picture is probably nothing to many of you. And you'd probably look at my books and say "that's all you've got". But, hey, that's me, and I need to be better organized. I also want to create a good list of sources for online recipes. I know that there are some online sites that you can create your own "recipe list or book". In our endless quest at healthier eating, I know I will weed out several more recipes and books once I unpack boxes. But there will be those that I will never give up! Off I go to type away!! Have a great day and weekend if I don't get back here again till next Monday. **NOTE: Well I am getting this done...though I think it will take awhile. I decided it would be cool to add pictures for the recipes and serving suggestions and a place for notes..granted I don't have a picture for every recipe so unless I actually make it and take a picture, I'm surfing the net. I think I've done 5 recipes so far, but I think it's going to be a really cool looking recipe binder so I'm willing for it to take awhile. Though at the moment I'm coveting a would just be so much easier. I have the one I want all picked out along with all the I just need to save up about 2700.00...sheesh! With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. Thos tulips are AMAZINGLY beautiful! What a fun day!!

  2. Hey Kristin,
    Just wanted to let you know that I posted my answer to your question about pastry flour. Thanks for the great question, I needed to clarify that. :-)

  3. Got my old cook book today while maintaining my cupboard, I'm so happy.


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