How Sweet the Gift!

Yesterday, KAT called me to see if she could go grocery shopping with one of our youth leaders (who has a 2 month old baby). Off they went. When they got home, KAT had a huge smile on her face and was just being "silly", so I tried guessing what would create such a Cheshire grin on my 12 year old, "Is _______ pregnant again?", "did you guys see an angel or something"...NADA! She wouldn't budge. Then she says, "mom! Look at the bluebird outside..", I look..."uh, I don't see a bluebird", but I did catch a glimpse of something that normally wouldn't be on the front porch. I open the door and wha lah! This is what I found. They had bought hubby and I a basket full of fresh, organic fruit, peppered cashews, vanilla granola and yummy lime juice! How sweet was that. They just did it to bless us. Which is something I love to do. I love to be a blessing to others, just because! To buy a little gift, send an encouraging text or e-mail, or card. With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. What a sweet thing to do. YOu are blessed indeed. I'd love to find a basket like that!

  2. how sweet! enjoy all the yummy things in your basket :)


  3. Oh, that is VERY sweet! :) How thoughtful!
    Love, Alyssa


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