And the Winner Is......

I apologize right off the bat to anyone who kept checking yesterday to see if they had won my bloggy giveaway. The last two days didn't quite go as I had planned so I wasn't able to get to it, or to the computer. But I did pick the winner yesterday morning, I just couldn't post till now.
Soooo... I thought it would be cool to use one of those random picker sites, like the one Pioneer woman uses, well....that would have been 60 dollars and since I don't use it or generate that many people, I thought "fah geta bout it"! So off I went cutting 123 names into little strips of paper. I couldn't enlist the help of my girls because they were off and gone with grandma and grandpa for the day. After cutting, I spent time folding each piece and putting it into a beautiful bowl. Finally, all folded....but I can't just choose one name out of 123 right away.....hmmm, what to do.
What to do......
Got it. I'll choose the top 20......
Then the top 10......are getting really curious now...see your name?
The top 5....oh, the suspense....By the way, I watched Deal or No Deal last night...I could never be on that show! I'd go insane. I love Howie Mandel though. Actually he reminds me of a guy I went to High School with....but he's just hilarious on the show too. two! AND THE WINNER IS!
CONGRATULATIONS Eleisia! I will be contacting her/you to get your mailing info. Thanks everyone for participating. I hope you become a regular reader.
With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. Do you mean it was going to cost $60 to use the one she uses? That's nuts! If you go here: - it's free. You just plug in your first and last numbers (ie: 1 & 126) and clicke the little button, and voila - you get your winner! Sure would save you lots of time! (So you'll know for next time!)

    And Congrats to the winner!


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