Works for Me Wednesday: Favorite Cookware and paper organization

Yeah! It's a backwards edition to WFMW, though as soon as I saw that, I drew a blank as to any questions I might have, though I know I have many!!
But alas, I have thought of two...drumroll please
#1 What is your favorite cookware? I know that once we are in our new home I will need new cookware. I want something that will last but will not break the bank. I'm torn between nonstick and other types. I do tend to use cooking spray or olive oil for the most part. I hate when the cooking spray leaves a sticky residue on pans and baking sheets (how do you remove it anyways)
#2 What is your favorite filing system for paperwork? I am a fairly organized person, but often paperwork gets shoved in a drawer for months before I file it. I think I need some type of a go between system.
Thanks ladies!
With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. I'm a pretty organized person, and had a detailed and carefully labeled system set up, but it just wasn't quick enough to use for me to keep it up! So my "to file" pile just kept growing out a control.

    A few months ago I made a change that has had a huge impact on the time it takes to file papers (and how well I keep up with them). Instead of using one folder for each of my regular bills (one for the electric company, one for the mortgage company, etc.), I created 12 folders that sit in front of all the others in the top drawer of my filing cabinet. They're labeled January through December, and I store all of my bills by statement date. New bills are super-easy to file, and when its time to pay my bills, I just grab the current month's folder (or maybe two, if I'm real close to the beginning of the month). When a new month starts, I just shred a month's worth of year-old statements.

    I'm also really picky about what paperwork I keep - I only want to hold on to the things that I absolutely need to.

  2. Well, I have a good idea about the paperwork! Color-coded files!
    If you can, get yourself a filing cabinet or box that holds hanging files. These will all be the same color--mine are green. But you don't file papers right into these. You put them in folders and put the folders into the hanging thingies. Each folder will be colored according to what's in it. (Just use inexpensive pocket-type folders.) Here, we use purple for taxes, green for health-related papers, blue for car papers and red for household. Label the hanging files and label the colored files inside each with teh same name. When you need to get something, it's so much easier when you know what color to reach for!
    On top of that, another great idea I found (I love organizing shows like "Neat" and "Mission:Organization"!) is to store your household appliance booklets by the room where the appliance is found...not all in one big folder! It makes it so much easier to pull out your dishwasher's service contract if it's in a red file marked "Kitchen."
    Good luck with your organizing!

  3. #1 - I just bought the Kirkland brand (Costco) set and I love it! And #2, don't even ask! LOL.


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