WARNING: Construction Pictures

You were warned, so if you're still reading you'll just have to bear with a bunch of pictures, or exit now. Our sheetrock is now hung. Tape and texture will hopefully begin sometime next week. So I'll give you a tour so far.
This will be where the washer and dryer will be in the first phase (for more details on this go here, in order to save repeating). So, this is upstairs in a section that is in conjunction with the next picture. There was space, so we thought we'd put the washer and dryer upstairs for now. This is the hall behind the girls bathroom. It will be used to access the furnace and also for some storage. Washer and dryer will be to the left of Nan.
This is the upstairs dormer window. Maybe a bench, or desk will go here...any thoughts?
My pantry...whoopee!! I cannot wait!!
Part of the temporary kitchen (this whole room...the next 2 pics and the pantry....will one day be a laundry/craft room, but for now it will be the kitchen.) Fridge and stove will go on this wall.
Also temp. Kitchen..sink and dishwasher will go here...lots of counter and cupboard space.
Looking upstairs. I love the ceilings in the is house. They are high and have so much character.
Part of what will be our bedroom...this and the next two pictures. Eventually this will be a media/game room upstairs. Thinking of putting a bookshelf and even a bench or desk by the window, since we can't put trim on one side...what do you think?
Our room again...someday a TV screen on that far wall.
Bedroom. We built this up so that eventually we could put chairs up there for movie viewing, and then seating below..For now our bed will go there. Love, love, love the ceilings.
Part of the girls room, which is next to ours.
Girls room.
Garage....AKA living area for now.
Garage...AKA living area for now.
downstairs bath...notice Nan is sitting where the toilet will be..Yah, she's strange sometimes. I didn't take a pic of the upstairs bath.
So there you have it! This is so exciting for us. We cannot wait.
I will pretty non-existent this weekend...we have a conference going on at the church and won't be home much. I may sneak in once, but we'll see.
With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. Your little girl posing in every pic is just hilarious! Im excited for you to get this done!

  2. It looks great Kirstin! I bet you are counting the days till move-in, huh?!


  3. Mrs. D..Yah, NAN wanted to pose for everything, pretending she was doing something that the room was actually designed for. She's a goofball.

    Janelle...oh, yes, I am counting the days!!

  4. Wow! I love your ceilings too and it looks like you'll have plenty of space...that IS exciting!

  5. Looking good! I know you must be getting very excited!

  6. I liked the model the best! :)

  7. Oh I Love it, can't wait to see more :)

  8. Sandy...yes, the model was hilarious. She wanted to be in every pic, doing whatever it was that gets done in each room.

    Nice duds huh? She is our resident hobo!

  9. Nice curves and lines :) You're new home looks wonderful.



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