The Vita-Mix

Like I said yesterday, we purchased a Vita-Mix blender. It worked out great because Costco sells them about every 6 months and it's a pretty great deal. We got our rebate check back from them and it almost covered the whole thing. It came with the blender assembled as seen in the picture and an awesome good size cookbook. We bought the smaller "dry" container separate for doing grains, etc.. Kat has already been deciding what she is going to make on a daily basis. This thing is pretty cool. It is just faster and more powerful than a regular blender, and works in over half the time. I have been wanting one of these for a few years now, but they were spendy. Now that we're trying to eat even healthier and KAT likes to make smoothies so much, this seemed like a good time to get it.
These were the ingredients for a soup we made. It took less then 6 minutes to prepare. Though I didn't share a picture of the finished product because, well, it was green and not very pretty. We were trying to imitate the soup the demonstrator made and it didn't look the same, but you just throw all the veggies in whole. the only skins you remove are like bananas, oranges, those types. Add hot water, blend let it heat up (which it does in the blender) and wha lah! you have a quick soup.
This is white chocolate ice cream we made in it. In about 3 minutes this was the outcome! Cool huh? You can make sorbets, smoothies, sauces, syrups, it even makes and kneads bread dough. I can't wait to keep experimenting.
Our whole goal in purchasing this is to make juices, smoothies and other more healthy options. As we make more things I'll regularly post pictures of them, maybe just in the sidebar.
After we had sampled several items at the demo display, Nan said "mom, I really liked that juice even though he put cabbage in it and I really liked that soup even though I don't like peppers"...hmmm, good way to get the veggies in!
With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. That ice cream looks amazing. Does the vitamix have its own chiller? I have never seen a blender make ice cream before.



  2. Kate,
    It doesn't necessarily have a "chiller", but the friction, speed and ice will cause it to thicken. It will also make a soup, so putting hot water into it with your ingredient and letting it go for 5 minutes will produce a hot soup. Way cool.

  3. I love my Vitamix too! It does wonders. Though it's bit expensive, you can find some decent discounts online (discount code here)that also giver 7 year factory warranty and 30day money back guarantee.


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