Spring is in the Air

Today ended up being such a nice day, I decided to venture out and take some pictures of the spring flowers. It seems like everyday something new is blooming or coming up out of the ground. Everyone is out of the house so I sat down and played with photoshop, adding frames and text. So enjoy a little piece of our yard (adopted though it may be). I cannot wait to share some of my own things next spring. My neighbor gave me some Forsythia starts, so we'll see if they take. I didn't have time to really plant them in a thought out place, so I just shoved them in teh ground.
Growing up we'd call these "Ladies in the bathtub" because if you split the flower in half, it looked like a "lady in a bathtub"
Daphne are some of my favorite shrubs. Their smell is heavenly!!!
As more comes in season I'll post more pictures. Have an amazing day!
With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. Hey it rained like crazy here yesterday - enjoy that sun while you can! :)


  2. Janelle,
    We only had a break in the morning and early afternoon, by 5:00 it had started to rain. We had a few pretty strong wind gusts and some heavy rain a few times.

    So I got outside at a perfect time.

  3. Hi Kirstin, my favorite is forsythiums. Gorgeous, stunning yellow!


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