Our church has been experiencing some amazing things in the last year. See, we have never been a church that was about "programs" or doing things the way we've always done them. We're not about making people "comfortable" and help them "feel good" about themselves, no matter how they live on a day to day basis. We are about loving people, and empowering them to be successful in the kingdom. We are about intimacy with the Father through our expressions of worship. We are about taking the reality of the Kingdom to the world. We are about realizing and walking in the power of God, knowing who we are in Him. That who He is, is who we are. That we can do here on earth today, what He did when He walked the earth. We are not about being "religious". We are about realizing that the only way to experience the amazing joy of heaven is to be in personally relationship with Him, and we won't water it down. We are about letting people not be afraid of making mistakes...we'll help clean up the mess. We're about living by the word, not about rules and guidelines (those will just come as we walk deeper into His presence). If you are one who just wants to go to church wants the pastor to make you feel good, or hide in your pew, or just get into heaven, then our church wouldn't be for you. Our pastor will often say that there are those who are"saved to get into heaven", but "heaven hasn't gotten into them". About a month ago we had a weekend Prophetic Conference that was absolutely amazing and free"ing". It's normal to think that only certain ones are called to Prophesy, but that's just not the is if we're talking about the office of the Prophet, but

1 Corinthians 14:1 says "Pursue love, and Desire spiritual gifts, but especially that you may prophesy"

We are all called to "find the gold" in other's lives. To receive words of knowledge for people, to call out of them, what God already sees in them. It was cool. We "practiced" on different ones and it was amazing how right on people were.

See, people are going to be more drawn to God when you can find the gold hiding in their lives, rather than shoving Him down their throats.

Last weekend we had a team come that is called "Firestorm". They do a lot of supernatural evangelism through "treasure hunts". So basically asking God for some downloads...he might give someone the words, "red shirt, shoulder problem, Mary, Starbucks".he might give you a lot more words. Then you go off on your "treasure hunt" with your "treasure map". You go to starbucks, and whoa...there's a lady with a red shirt...(keep in mind that someone may not relate to everything on the "map" or maybe not any, but you just keep going), so you go up to her and say "hey, I'm on a treasure hunt and I think you might be part of my treasure, does your name happen to be Mary..(it just might be..), then she looks at your "map", and says "I have a shoulder problem, or my husband has a shoulder problem", "How did you know this". "Well, God gave me this treasure map and you are the treasure, He just wants me to pray for you and tell you that he loves you and thinks you are a treasure"....People are more drawn to that. now keep in mind that not everyone is receptive, and sometimes we get it wrong, but it's seems alot more fun to do evangelism this way. Because no matter what we are just able to bless people. This team also functioned in healing. Many nights calling out various ailments, and injuries and we saw many people healed. Way cool! See we are called to also lay hands on the sick and pray for healing. God is taking us to levels of worship that we've never gone before, and we've always been pretty passionate about our worship. Our own people are writing worship songs that are off the charts because they are birthed out of a passion and desire for relationship with the Father. He is opening doors to prophetic Art that has been incredible. The children are totally into the things that are going on. They want to see angels, they want to know God deeper, they want to go out and do treasure hunts (my oldest is on one now). It is crazy. We have really connected with Bethel Church in Redding California. I highly recommend any of the books written by Bill Johnson, Kris Valloton and Kevin Dedmon...amongst others. (See my sidebar Shelfari for my faves.) And if you are anywhere near Woodland, Wa come visit us on a Friday night at 6:30 for worship or a Sunday morning.... check out our website . though we just changed our name to the Promise, our website addy doesn't reflect that yet. If you are sick we'd love to have you come and let us just love on you and pray for you and believe God to do miracles in your body.

**NOTE: I realize this can be a touchy subject and not all of you will agree with me, and that's fine, this is my blog so I can share what I like...I just ask that if you comment, you keep your comments positive. This isn't necessarily a "give me a piece of your mind" post! It's just how I live my life.

With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. You go Girl! Or better yet you let God go Girl!

    Love you

  2. Thanks's pretty amazing what He is doing and revealing to us.

    Love you too.


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