Rachel Rays: 2,4,6,8 Cookbook, the ultimate giveaway

I love Rachel Ray! I was given this cookbook as a birthday gift two years ago, but unfortunately have never used it. Go figure. I did lovingly dog ear a few pages with the intention of making the recipes, but alas, never did. How sad.
I'm hoping to enter this in the Ultimate Blog Party Giveaway, so in order to be eligable to win you need to log onto their site in order to enter to win.
Have fun, they have tons of prizes.


  1. Hi Kirstin,

    Just thought I'd drop you a note saying that I've posted the cannelloni recipe on Kates blog "our red house" for using up all that excess pumpkin

    ~ Sarah ~

    (p.s. read isiah 40:26) :-) my fav.

  2. Love Rachel Ray. And your salmon recipe sounds yummy - I've copied it and will be trying it soon. I'll pop back in and let you know what my family thinks.



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