My Dad and Delilah

Okay, so no, this picture isn't my dad, but it is my nephew and he looked so stinkin cute sitting there I had to share it. He's 5 and such a cutie pie. He loved showing of on his 4 wheeler for me and NAN.

My sister lives about an hour from me and my dad lives in a 5th wheel trailer on her property. My mom passed away 5 years ago (I plan on blogging on her tomorrow), and my dad just sold the house that they lived in for 29 years last may. My sis called to see if I could please come out and help go through some more of my dads boxes since they were starting to go bad (moist and moldy on the bottom), so that's what we did.

It was fun...we found old prom dresses (laughing at the fact that we actually were that small at one time, yet thought we were fat!). I found my wedding dress and first communion dress. We also found my moms wedding dress...maybe I'll pull it out and take a picture of it. We found lots of stuff that we had missed the last time we went through was nice.

My sisters horse also had a baby a few weeks ago...Delilah...I couldn't resist some pictures, and I love the one where she was nuzzling my dad. So enjoy. I took more, but two's good to share for now.

With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. So, I confess I was a little scared to read this post, worried that Delilah was a scarlet woman or something, but what a beautiful horse!

    I hope your daughter enjoys her youth conference -- sounds like a great experience for her.

    Mulan is my favorite kid movie! We enjoyed the sequel too. Love the strong, smart, honorable heroine!

  2. Hi Kirsten...the lil horse is adorable!!! Love the pic with your dad...very sweet...

    I hope your daughter is doing well away from you.....

  3. How great you found all that old stuff! My prom, communion, and wedding dress are long gone. What a great time that must have been!

  4. Memories are wonderful things to have and to share the moment with your sister must have been wonderful. Your pictures that you made are wonderful! I love the horse.

    On another note, I have had to move my blog for some personal reasons. You can now find me here:
    I hope that you will continue to stop by.
    I look forward to reading about your mom.
    Have a fabulous weekend,

  5. I knew the title of the post would raise eyebrows...but I couldn't resist. My oldest daughter when she heard the name went "I'm not so sure about that name" neither, but it's not my horse....

    Jen, I've already marked your new site because I love coming to visit!

  6. That horse is gorgeous!

    At least you could laugh at the prom dresses. Time can be so cruel sometimes! :)


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