Kitchen Tip Tuesday: Steaming Veggies and making cupcakes

Well I didn't get to Menu Plan Monday yesterday. Oh, well! That's just how life goes sometimes. I cannot stand when I steam veggies and they get mushy! Especially broccoli!! One key I've found that works is this: As soon as the water starts to boil and I notice steam under the lid, I turn the heat off and remove the pan from the burner. Then in the next 10-15 minutes the veggies are just right. If I'm not quite ready and I don't want them to continue cooking I'll remove them from the pan, or sprinkle some cold water on them to stop the cooking process. Same with sauteing them. I lower the heat and just let them set for the last few minutes. This was dinner from last night. Roasted potatoes with onion and garlic, and a few seasonings. We used pepper, garlic powder, parsley, a teeny bit of season salt and Italian seasoning. We also had lightly seasoned chicken thighs and asparagus sauteed in olive oil and garlic, with pepper and a touch of salt. Salad also accompanied the meal. I read Sonshines post on using her small Pampered Chef scoop for meatballs and it brought to my mind another use for their scoops...I use them for filling muffin and cupcake cups. They work perfect and there's no mess.
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  1. Your meal looks yummy.

    I use a small scoop for making perfectly round cookies.

  2. Ooh I LOVE my pampered chef scoops too!! The picture of your veggies looks SO delicious!! Thanks for the tip about turning off the heat on the veggies...sometimes I get busy and forget to turn them down until they are an ugly shade of green...and yes, mushy! (Okay, now I TOTALLY want some brocolli!)

  3. Oh yes!! I use my scoops for muffins and cupcakes too! :) The scoops are very useful in my kitchen. :) I have the small one and the medium size one. :)

    Oh that meal looks delicious!

    I don't like mushy veggies either. I just have perfected using my Pampered Chef small micro-cooker with cooking up broccoli. :) Yummy!

    Thanks for stopping by! :)

  4. I had not thought of this with veggies. I do it with rice though - only it takes about 20 minutes to get it done.

    Your pictures looks delicious! Thanks for sharing.


  5. ummmm that asparigus looks really really good! I might have to go to the store and buy me some

  6. Steamed veggies are one of our favorite side dishes. I like your idea for keeping them crisp!
    Your dinner looks just delicious. I love the way you have it arranged so pretty for serving. Hope you are having a fabulous week!

  7. I hate mushy veggies. I am the only one too. Everyone else likes them soft. Yuck. So I take mine out and then finish cooking.

  8. Your giving me Spring Fever with that bonfire. We still have to much snow here in MN.
    Thanks for stopping by.
    The issue was on the pets was blown out of portion. It was meant for those who were struggling with house cleaning. Some just don't realize things until you say something. It had nothing to do with loving your pets. Heck even a poodle is meant for hunting not laying around the house looking cute. I agree with your comment. You shouldn't be able to tell that the pets are in the house.
    When the kids were small I would make clay all the time. Kool aide adds a nice smell. Looks like they had fun.


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