Works For Me Wednesday: Where do you shop?

This weeks WFMW is asking us to post our favorite online shops. I really don't buy a lot online, though I'd like to do it more. I do browse quite often though. One thing I decided was that if I could buy it for the same price at a local store I will just do that. So onto my favorites.

Stores I've actually shopped: I have sold and bought on ebay. However I only buy if I know I'm saving at least $5 from what I would pay in a store. I have sold here and always look to buy things as well. Great deals on books and music. awesome site for downloading songs at a reasonable price. we recently used this site to purchase a movie and a CD and I was very pleased with it. and for pictures and calendars

Stores I browse: lots of cute office and organizational products and feature vinyl lettering...way cool. hundreds of lighting options Hey, we're building a house, what can I say!

I know there's more, but this is a good amount


  1. I love I also like cause they have cheap shipping costs. About $1.99 for anything and everything...I like that :)

  2. Ditto on Amazon and Overstock.

    I completely forgot about the shopping theme this week. My WFMW

    I need a WFMW tip on keeping up themes. :)


  3. I have something for you at my blog.....

  4. I dont hardly ever shop on line. I dont have a paypal account nor do I have an ebay account. I guess Im out of the loop!


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