Works for Me Wednesday: Making sports family friendly

I really didn't know how to title this post. I was just sitting here thinking that soccer is starting soon and asking myself how I can better be prepared for games. I'm sure many of you have younger children as well, and hauling everyone to games can be very crazy. Especially when there's rain in the picture.
Now there have been times when it's been nasty that I'd leave my youngest with grandma and grandpa (if she didn't have a game of her own). We are now a two soccer player family and often travel to two games in one day or at the same time..meaning hubby goes to one and I go to the other...oh, and did I mention we coach or help coach both girls. Yikes.
It never'll get to the game and someone will be hungry, or it has rained and no one has extra clothes or shoes.
A few things that have helped us keep things running smoothly are:
* Filling a cooler or plastic container with snacks (doing this the night before really helps). Fruit, water, granola bars, pretzels, things that are easy to eat. I always make sure I have a little extra for others who might have forgotten, or for my soccer player or my hubby.
* A plastic crate with extra shoes, towels, etc..I make sure that extra clothes are packed in a soccer bag as well so if there is "mud" on the uniform we can change before getting in the car. You may want to carry a blanket as well as a "curtain" for changing.
*Charged batteries and fresh video tapes/CD's.
*Chairs and umbrellas always kept in the vehicle or handy. I have forgotten a chair a time or two.
* Things for little ones to do. Get them their own small soccer ball to play with.
* Gloves, hats, extra sweatshirt...even if they argue...they'll get to the game and decide they're cold!
*Sunscreen...yes even in the Northwest we need sunscreen.
* A great attitude. I don't know how many times I've wanted to strangle parents as they criticize their children on the field. Yes, winnings great, but making your son or daughter feel like they are winners no matter what is more important. Save the "positive" criticism for later. Chances are, they probably already know where they could have improved in the game. We always ask "how do you think you did?" "Is there anything you think you could do different next time?"
* Have fun and let them know that you are so glad to be there....even if it's not the sport of your choice.
With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. Yes, soccer is about to start for us too, not looking forward to cold mornings shivering by the sidelines. I used to be able to weasle (work-related) out of it, but this year I am determined to go and to use your advice and enjoy it.

    I never critise my son's playing, I am not in the least sports minded, I tell him that as long as he has fun. I too want to gag the parents who yell critism at their children. If there is any constructive critism to make it is not harped on over and over - I felt like throttling one mother I saw in a supermarket, she was yelling at her child about how disgustingly they played in their game.

  2. Hi Kirstin!Soccer...looks like your kids enjoy it! Love the photos...

  3. Totally agree with parents criticizing the kids. Love how you ask your kids "is there anything you think you could do different next time" nice

  4. For a coach and kids story you should of read my blog today. As a coach yourself I'd be interested in your take on it.


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